Toxicity/Trolls Edit***


I’ll no longer be monitoring the chat in game. Just a heads up in case you wonder why I’m not replying. No need to take it personally. I’ll be viewing the “find friends” tab when in game so I won’t actually see the chat. Friends? - reach me through Discord.


I’ve been able to improve a lot by avoiding the chat. However my actions were a little extreme. For any friends who are reading this - I did remove all my friends but it wasn’t anything personal - I had a few people creating other accounts to be toxic to me on. When I found out who those people were I decided to remove everyone and avoid the chat altogether because I didn’t know who I could trust anymore (I’m not here to name names but you would be surprised who the culprits are…)

Anyway I realised I’m only letting these idiots win by allowing it to spoil my game… So I will be more responsive in chat again and slowly add people back but will quickly remove, report and permanently mute anyone who talks trash or tries to troll me.

It’s important to remember why people create fake accounts to troll and trash talk people under and they do it for a few reasons:

  1. Boredom - these guys are good, and they’re bored of always winning so they need to target someone
  2. They may actually be targeting people who they are afraid/jealous of even if they don’t realise it - when they are bored and decide who to troll next, some thought needs to go into who that person is. Take it as a compliment because they need to prove something to themselves by coming back to beat you under a different account.
  3. They have some inferiority complex issues in real life and being toxic to people behind a computer screen somehow helps them get some validation to cope with that sad reality. This is a real shame and you can only feel sorry for these people.

So if players are being toxic to you, or you suspect someone is trolling you under a different account the best way to deal with it is to report/mute them. Don’t react and don’t get hung up on who they really are - if they are playing well for their rank it shouldn’t matter if you know how to handle yourself. Don’t underestimate any randoms - it’s easy to spot the skilled players and once you know who the threats are you can make steps to take them out like any other opponent. The moment you realise they’re a GM hiding behind a silver rank they just become another number to you - they lose the element of surprise they had and now you’re extra vigilant and ready for that sucker shot they’ll inevitably try to hit you with in the last round. Best part is you already muted them too so you don’t get to see their toxic comments after the match.

I hope this post helps you guys out as much as reflecting on the subject has helped me. The game has such a nice community which like anything in life is spoilt by the minority as usual. It’s even worse when that minority were players you actually used to look up to but that’s life - we learn and we grow.

Good luck, have fun and be nice!


Oh ok. . .


Its all good I’m over it now. Bit extreme avoiding chat altogether but it does help stay focused avoiding it during the match. I suppose there’s always mute xD


Mastering corner


That’s the reason I saw u as a GM today :smile:


Hehe, might have something to do with it xD


Yeah I know this was a little extreme mate, I re-edited my post. xD


Was this meant for a different topic BD? xD


dude u take things too serious if someone is trolling whats the problem ?


Its not funny if somemone sends u a links and spams yk?
And when someone is bullying ya lol
Or tells u that he is a dev and he will ban u :smile:


if he sends links ure not obligated to click on it and idc if someone will ban me i already got banned 3 times :joy::joy::joy: so used to it and bullying thing idk if ure good u cant be bullied thats it lol


Well as someone with a keen interest in human psychology I certainly do enjoy reading into things. Trying to understand why humans behave the way they do is fascinating. What’s the problem with trolls? Well, it really depends on what kind of behaviour and language they are using. But internet trolls pale in significance when compared to the real world problems caused by mankind.

If you do some reading on human psychology and history you will begin to understand that there are inherent flaws in humanity. We are naturally selfish and greedy beings that desire power and wealth. All wars that have ever been were because of our cretinous mentality. When you open your eyes and wake up to whats happening in the world today (living under a constant nuclear threat sugar coated by corrupt politicians and an ignorance towards concerns of our planets sustainability, not to mention ongoing wars on race and religion) yeah you quickly realise things won’t change. So it will continue and it is only a matter of time before another holocaust occurs - in fact the odds are extremely unlikely that there won’t be more conflict. We are simply too under evolved to be able to live together peacefully and the proof is in the pattern of our previous behaviour and current actions.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, we could find a way to integrate artificial intelligence into the brain. It’s the only way to rectify those flaws and allow us to advance to an intelligence level where we can actually live amongst one another in harmony.

Trolls? Bet you wished you didn’t ask now eh? Welcome to the shit show.


bro are u ok ? does all this have something to do with cfp ??? :joy::joy::joy:


No I’m just trolling. xD


bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuh u made me read all that bs for trolling well done :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Zero the way you construct sentences is really interesting. If the original post of this thread did not take you hours upon hours of writing and thinking, please tell me your IQ score (I’m assuming they’ve tested, you’ve surely been a bit different back when you were young).


Thanks, it took a while to write but not hour(s). Sometimes I find writing a release. I probably shouldn’t always post such opinions though…

I’ve never had an IQ test but I’m interested to take one. I enjoy the puzzles that are typically in those tests (I did a mock one once) Link me up to one you recommend online? What’s your IQ?

I was a bit different. Still am! Aren’t we all?


Thanks for the response! Keep in mind that online IQ tests are not very reliable, however this is the most accurate one I’ve come across:
Have fun.


My troll acc,


If anyone tried this what results did you get? :stuck_out_tongue: