Tournement Idea


WOuld it be cool instead of doing only defence, attack, etc we could do like random powers like time bomb, trippy. Just random powers and not like a big selection of powers.


Definitely… the thing with that is that many people don’t have all powers and would therefore not be able to play in the tournament.

So yea, I was already thinking of making such a tournament. But I have not found a solution for those not having the module yet. If you got an idea that could work let me know. @ASIAN_REXY


Yep you are right


what about making it by splitting offensive powers (only shots), then offensive fevers,laser only,no modules,etc.Well,after choosing some of those options ,put them into a democratic tour style by doing for example 2 or 3 games per round,by consisting in a different gamestyle per game,the tour could take longer but you could make the first stage of the tour one week earlier and the next one ,with the seeded players complete the final phase (srry for typing that long)


Nice idea!


You would still have the same problem tho, what if someone doesn’t have lasr for example. Should he just play none instead? I mean it would def be unfair to that player.

As for tours over multiple weeks, ye great idea, only issue i see in this would be that players often don’t have time twice, so if they qualify it wouldn’t really matter since they can’t play on that date. But I might think of doing something like that when tours reach higher amounts of players :wink:


Here’s a solution for all of your problems:

  1. There must be a new game mode - {tournament game mode} - which allow to the players to play with any single module.

  2. The tournament game mode can be played only when the tournament mod enable it (which means only for official tournaments & only in custom rooms).

  3. Everyone (even these who are level 1) will be available to use any modules for the tournaments and you won’t have any problems anymore.



Yup sounds good :joy: I will speak to the devs about it :wink:

Otherwise I will just do something like idk if you don’t have one module u have to go for thin + the other and if u don’t have both u have to play thin homing :joy:


Idk cause making them play none would be kinda unfair … so thin and homing are definitely an option :joy: … just waiting to see owl so join on a lvl 1 account and smack everyone with thin homing :joy:


lmao I’m really not that good. The first tour I won was only like 18 people because it was in the holidays and the 2nd was because I’m pretty good at fevers and because Robt was unlucky. (also I was lucky that Scars misaimed his poop fever in the last round or Robt would have won.)

I do think that a laser only tournament should be arranged though (or even laser only final) (we can use some stealthy modhacks to lend anyone without laser my alts with laser on them by changing the acc names :3).


Don’t see that happening :joy:


Nice thoughts Exposed here, tour mode qualification is a great idea, and i think if Line did a random Module tournament, it’d be through a random online roulette method, or simply our beloved discord bot


Ye of course i would do it in the bot :stuck_out_tongue:
I will talk to devs about this… otherwise I will find a solution because i like the idea of the random tour … could bring out some crazy combos :joy: