When does tournaments take place?


Just check forum or discord, @Owl will announce the Tournament.
Until now there is no official Tourney announced…



The next Tournament will take place: 30. September 2018



Hey Kakoluki,
I didn’t respond earlier as I was in the process of creating the spreadsheet and writing the forum post. The next tournament will, as the_hashtag wrote, take place on 30th September at 8pm CEST. In general, there will be either 1 or 2 tournaments per month depending on interest. I plan on organising these tournaments for the last Sunday of each month and possible also for the 2nd Sunday of the month if there is interest in having a 2nd tournament.

Owl :3


Ok, thanks for resposne. How can I join it?


You can join the tournament by replying to this forum post!


I think its a great Idea, and anja I did not know you were a mod I always see you on curve fever.

ps: sorry for thinking you were a guy the other day! XD



Question answered