Tournament timing



Line, can you maybe host a tournament with all powers before April 14th, because that’s when I go back to school, and make it on a weekend from anywhere from 1PM to 3PM Pacific time (California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon time) US? I’m only asking this because I can never make it to a tournament and I’ve always wanted to compete :frowning:

The timing is off by a lot, every time.


I don’t think you will go back to school the 14th :joy: but sure I can try to make one.




Thx Line hope there will be a tour


I want to join one but I’m afriad that I will have something to do, and I can’t play whenever I want.


So PDT 1 pm you say :stuck_out_tongue: … that should be possible :joy: honestly changes only by 1 hour … tours at 8 pm in europe are 12 am in the pacific us :joy:


Yeah, so that means tour would be at 9pm. I think we can all play at least until 12pm now when we all must stay home haha.
Here we r supposed stay home until 28 March but they already said school will be closed longer, I expect it to be until May haha :joy::joy:


Dude, I don’t know you, but if you want to play a tournament before April 14 with all the powers, you can play this Friday at 17:45 Washington, see my last post, I will give more information there.

It would be a pleasure to compete with you.


If you don’t like that schedule, we will surely be doing more tournaments next week. Goodbye.