Tournament Rooms?



I’m thinking “what if there were rooms that allowed stupid amounts of people to spectate a tournament in-game?”. Basically, once the room is created, a password must be created to actually join gameplay. Maybe they could share that with players who are joining the tournament via Discord and/or forum messages. If it’s set to public, anybody who joins automatically becomes a spectator until they enter the aforementioned password.
To recap…

  • set password for people who are playing in the tournament
  • people who join automatically become spectators until password is entered correctly
  • otherwise, functions as a normal room.

I’d really like to see this for all the people who enjoy watching tournaments in real time.


As tournament host I have to say this would be great, but I see some issues with this.
First, we already have passwords to join rooms and there is still people joining who are not even the tour. So the idea of a password wouldn’t really work for that.
Secondly, we try to stream rounds of the tournament so that people can actually watch it live.
Lastly, if there is a huge amount :joy: and by huge I already start counting at 6 people, rooms start to get laggy whenever someone types something…

All in all it is a good idea but we have much more important stuff imo (Team games, friendlists…)


Yeah, btw I created topic “Add friendlist” in 28th February 2018 and they still didnt add it.