Tournament Ideas by @Nick98 and @SovietAv3t1s62


So me and @Nick98 thought of some new tournaments and modes for rooms. So We Think that it would be cool to make public tournaments that could have up to 12 players and every person who got last every round would be out that would be cool and a new tournament i dea could be a tournement that every team was allowed only 2 random powerups.

Sincerely, @SovietAv3t1s62 and @Nick98


Thanks @ArmenianAv3t1s62 , Nice topic btw


So we already got public tournaments. Everyone can join and the system will change slightly according to the amount of players.

As for the random powers, would be cool but kinda hard to actually make. How would you decide which player is allowed to use which powerup :joy:

Cool that you guys think of new tours tho <3




U can choose random powerups on discord with command .choose (example= .choose shield, speed


Sure but you would have to do this for every player and it seems kinda unfair is someone gets speedy and the other one gets shield :joy:


Hahaha I was just joking :rofl: It would be really unfair cause someone would get 2 attacks, someone 2 defends… :partying_face: