Top 15 Best Combos



Laser and scatter will forever stay undefeated


ummm i just found out that steathmine-scatter is really good


Yea and trigger scatter is the best combo ever :joy:


dude in all my silver-diamond games literately everyone uses scatter or zap or scatterzap


i know cause noobs think they r good :slight_smile: just cause they steal a lot … but it is hard to get close to a good player


yeah i use multishot sideshot and i do pretty good


lol i try to get good at the weirdest combos like 180 + jump or time bomb + homing :joy:


Best combo ever. One shot + the-overly-overpowered-power-that-makes-you-immortal-named-shield


These days I use teleport and side shot, but I try to change it up every once in a while, so I can experience all sorts of combos.


is 180 laser=angle turns laser?


I like double shot mine.