Top 15 Best Combos



omri uses it pretty well and constantly now. Also Line sometimes uses it. But I don’t see any contradiction in a fact that just 2-3 players uses a skillful combo which takes time to practice. It’s like in life: mostly people prefer to do something which is easier and funnier :wink:


Not me I play trigger scatter and lasr corner :joy:


Are you saying laser corner is easy? Both of those powerups are hard to use alone, and combined is more than twice as hard!


No not at all they are monstrously hard in fact :joy: that is why i am using them … i like a challenge. Also trigger scatter is kind of a doomed combo, once you get close to someone to steal points from they sui :joy: fair play to them, but it is annoying and it happens so much


Time bomb+brake


Hmmm… That should show strong text overall?
Edit… K line u liked it but not answered


I mean did I really have to answer that?


Yes u have to anwser :rofl:
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Srsly stop mentioning me on such useless comments.


Ok sorry…


As a certified member of the #SHIELDGANG i take shield/jump. My main objective of this build is to literally survive. If i feel confident i can block out other people while my shield is on so i take no damage but you should focus on avoiding a lot of conflict. While surviving, you will want to go through AS MANY CURVE HOLES AS POSSIBLE to rack up points (+1 point per hole) and be unpredictable. Being unpredictable can decide between you winning or losing. This is how i make up for not being able to steal points. This is very hard to pull off when you get targeted, which is a big con of this build.

Shield is the big plus of this build i guess. I block bullets, lasers, bombs, zaps, and the rockets from dead people. However, if people take literally anything else (mainly power ups like speed, revers, etc.) Good luck out there on the battle field solider. Also keep in mind that unlike bombs and bullets and the effect powerups, shields cooldown is higher than theirs so if they miss the first time they have a chance to get you again. just got diamond with this build so i suppose it works out.

I’m definitely willing to try new things though as i have literally been using this setup for a year.
(why did i just write two paragraph on shield/jump i need help)


What if they had a two shot powers?


Two shots are not bad, but for us it seemed like it would not make the top 15. If so it would probably multi + one shot or multi + double shot


Laser & Angle: :notes: You never see it coming…! :notes:


Ye we kinda predicted the meta… dunno why nit more people use spam tbh


I use mine fever spam lol


Dude, this list changed so much haha :joy: most of these combos are not even used anymore haha


True! We can definitely remove angle combos and switch all fevers to thick :wink: But basically anything with jump/trigger is top notch. Also shots are much more popular.

And can you imagine if I proposed you to include jump+brake or any other passive combo then? You would laugh at me for sure :joy:


100 % anything passive would not have had a chance to make the list lol :joy: now I’d say almost every combo has at least one passive module :joy:


My best combo right now is multi laser