Top 15 Best Combos



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@NICK and I thought it would be time to look not only at the Powers individually but also at the best combos. In the following list we tried to find the best 15 combos. We have divided the rating into offensive :bow_and_arrow: and defensive :shield: to provide additional information on how to play the combos according to our opinion.

Some modules can of course be replaced in the combos :currency_exchange: , such as Steerless for Speedy. We only believe that these combinations work best and have the most potential :muscle: .

If your best combo is not there or is too low in the ranking let us know.


  1. laser + angle

:bow_and_arrow: 9.2
:shield: 9.5
Overall: 9.35

Counter: fevers, mines

  1. stealth + speedy (steerless)

:bow_and_arrow: 9.6
:shield: 8.6
Overall: 9.1

Counter: speed, laser

  1. trigger + Laser

:bow_and_arrow: 9.2
:shield: 8.9
Overall: 9.05

Counter: fevers

  1. angle + timebomb

:bow_and_arrow: 8.0
:shield: 9.9
Overall: 8.95

Counter: fevers

  1. speedy + trippy (steerless)

:bow_and_arrow: 9.8
:shield: 8.0
Overall: 8.9

Counter: speed, laser

  1. stealth mine + mine

:bow_and_arrow: 8.7
:shield: 8.9
Overall: 8.8

Counter: fevers, laser

  1. stealth mine + brake

:bow_and_arrow: 8.2
:shield: 9.3
Overall: 8.75

Counter: fevers, laser

  1. hide + zap

:bow_and_arrow: 8.4
:shield: 8.4
Overall: 8.4

Counter: shots, angle, fevers

  1. one shot + jump

:bow_and_arrow: 8.5
:shield: 8.2
Overall: 8.35

Counter: shots, zap

  1. trigger + shield

:bow_and_arrow: 6.6
:shield: 9.6
Overall: 8.1

Counter: fevers

  1. mine + one shot

:bow_and_arrow: 8.3
:shield: 7.7
Overall: 8.0

Counter: fevers, shots, shield

  1. speedy + speed

:bow_and_arrow: 8.2
:shield: 7.6
Overall: 7.9

Counter: shots, mines, fevers

  1. speedy + multi

:bow_and_arrow: 8.4
:shield: 7.0
Overall: 7.7

Counter: shots, mines

  1. speedy fever + hide

:bow_and_arrow: 7.2
:shield: 7.4
Overall: 7.3

Counter: shots

  1. speed + zap

:bow_and_arrow: 8.6
:shield: 5.6
Overall: 7.1

Counter: fevers

Top 10 powerfull combos

Actually it would be really cool to know opinion of other players! @Owl immediately challenged @Elo list by winning with “worst” powers in a high-level room :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Maybe it would be the case this time too :grinning:


My favourite right now is stealth mine + double shot. I think laser + angle turns is overrated too.


mine+any shot is quite good. But the truth with laser+angle is that almost no one goes for them because angles is the best to dodge attacks. so they can survive for a long time.
Also angle’s defence is still too high


Stealthy + Double Shot is basically the same as Mine + One Shot so I guess it is there. As for lasr + corner well it is not easy to play against them. Especially if they mastered it.


I love time bomb side shot


speed + double


multishoot has a worse angle of the shot


In high ranked rooms players can just ccut laser +angle turns off. It’s really not that good XD
Idk though, I haven’t really played in any strong rooms recently enough to test whats really good or not. I just know that what’s good in a super high ranked room isn’t the same as what’s good for normal quickplay.


In around gold and diamond rooms or below, trigger scatter shreds :joy: but I guess so would every other combo :joy:

It really is hard to choose a best combos, it obviously depends on your play-style or preferences.


totally agree with this!


but there’s one very important option with multi: you can shoot with “back” shots. That makes you inaccessible for shots by someone who follows you, but you can still shot them.


You are definitely right. I discovered that in the last tour lol. And Taras had a disappointing final as well some tours ago. Not only can 2 well placed fevers/mines destroy you, dodging laser is actually doable as well if you know what you’re doing. It still shreds in ranked tho :stuck_out_tongue:


The list looks really good. The only combo I’d suggest is speedy fever + jump. Jump gets enhanced by speedy, and it’s almost always easy to find/create some space for yourself. Then you can start spamming people with fevers, while being at a low risk to get hit.

The only thing I don’t understand is your choice of fevers. Other than speedy, fevers are imo as good as the amount of points they steal. Maybe some fevers are a bit better at killing people than others, but I would never play a fever that’s more than 0.5% away from the fever that steals the most. So I’d switch every fever that’s not speedy with curveblind rn.


I think it really depends on the rank of the room. Recently I played with hide+zap which is good for super-high ranked rooms or diamond rooms. But it’s really bad if you play against 1 gm with some attacking modules and some silver-golds. I just don’t have enough power to match 2 shots or 2 fevers from another gm. So I guess it’s hard to find a balance when you’re talking about powers. But in general I still believe that angle+laser is pretty stable top 3 combo


Angle laser is kinda in a weird place. I’t insanely powerful, but I don’t know any other active GM who uses it regularly, or anybody that has mastered it really. It just requires some practice, and I dont think people like throwing games to learn a combo. And they’re also super high level items. But yeah in terms of power it’s probably the best, angle turns is so broken lol


If you like killing people, you will choose something like speedy, bad turns, or reverse fevers. They work much better than curveblind. Being able to kill other players is a big boon


I got pretty good with it and even now can win pretty consistently with it, but it’s still not that good. I got to top 10 with trigger speed, like legit any combo is possible if you figure it out.


As for steer-less that was mostly my choice. I like it because it makes the opponent (in most cases) not die but very vulnerable to follow up attacks. So if u hit one steerless, you are almost sure to hit that player again if u play agressivly :joy:


Thanks! I thought about other combos of def+fever rather than speed+speedy or hide+speedy which we already have. jump+speedy is good, but so is also brake+speedy. Apparently it just means that speedy is really cool :grinning: You can use with whatever else and have a good chance to win.
Maybe you’re right about fevers. I guess it depends on playstyle: I prefer the fever to kill the opponent with fever and curve blind is not really good for that. I guess except for speedy the best is trippy (reverse is not as good in higher arenas). But if you don’t want to kill but rather want to continue feed someone with fevers the best is steerless. It can be stacked so it makes even more sense. That’s why we put trippy or steerless. But let’s see: maybe curveblind will prove to be better with time :wink: