Top 10 powerfull combos



Thats the top 10 most powerful combos in my opinion. i don’t necesserily use them all myself but also from what i see from other players. Feel free to post your top 10 ! Also they are not in particular order. in parenthesis there are some alternative-‘similar’ suggestions . I’m pretty sure there are other good combos that i couldn’t remember so you can actually post them down in the replies! i could make a poll for a community top 10 but the legitimate combos are way more than 50 so i didn’t. but if someone makes it would be cool :slight_smile:

10)corner + laser (180+laser). very effective in the right hands ,hard to use also immense practice to actually master especially the corner one .corner and 180 are a lot different but they have the same element of surprise when you attack!

9)time bomb + corner (stealth mine + corner). effective and ultimate passive survival loadout , also not very easy to master. Enemies feel less intimidated around you especially with the time bomb one but they also cant hit you…and you can actually live for ever

8)jump + laser (trigger bomb + laser). jump and laser are a classic .medium difficulty to learn these powerups and use but they need a skillful and high alerted player to be threatening. jump gives more survival potential and trigger bomb a more aggressive touch . also trigger bomb is quite bit harder to learn than jump of course

7)hide + zap (hide + scatter) It is one of the easiest to learn on a decent level and of the most effective combos . there are a few techniques and strategies that allows you to bring this combo to the next level. also pretty infuriating combo for the enemies.

6)stealth mine + fever (fever + fever). It is the spam combo . aggressive loadout very hard to master. relies the most on your prediction of movement skills and watching for ways to block. Feels very threatening to play against

5)double shot + fever (single shot + fever) Ultra aggressive combo, easy to learn to use, but only becomes a lethal weapon on the hands of the most skillful of players. Players tend to run away from you and leave you all the space if you are good with these combos

4)trigger bomb + jump (trigger bomb + 180) Mainly surviving combo , you need very very good survival skills to play these 2 . Pretty hard to learn especially the 180 one but is very very enjoyable if you are not that aggressive and like to show off your survival manouvres!

3)shot + jump (quadra + jump) the most classic combo is jump shot! one of the easiest to learn to handle and for most of us one of the first combos we try and once you learn how to hunt with these ones everyone will run for their lives!

2)mine + brake (fever + brake) easy to learn, hard to excel as many other combos . The mine one especially is a surviving combo ,very effective and an old meta. The fever one imo is harder and a bit more aggressive

1)dash + fever (dash + shot) is a new meta . Dash is a multi-use module that is simply amazing! it absorbs bullets , destroy enemy mines, avoid lasers! and also try to press up and down the same time and see what happens! Dash needs practice and you will die a lot in the beginning just by using it wrong

Now quite a few honorable mentions!!

brake + laser very nice classic combo . and very effective. Could easily be top 10 and makes laser usage easier and more threatening

combinations of shots (one shot + quad or side shot + one shot) cool ultra aggressive combo rely immensely on your aim and intimidation factor to gain space

double defensive combo!(brake+jump , 180 + dash) talking about the most peaceful combos.easy to use but only a handful can actually play them on very top level! Ultra alert senses, reactions and survival skills needed for that! remember to go through holes cause its the only extra points you’ll get other than the +10 after enemies die!

speed + zap (dash +zap) well one of the most iconic combos the speed zap can be a nightmare to opponents. value suicides is the way to go( managing to stay alive after zapping is what makes you a real pro speed zapper) !

hide + fever Get close to the enemy and unleash the fever while the hide is active for the maximum surprise factor ! easy to learn , not easy to mster as it happpens of most of the combos

teleport + quadruple shot (tele + zap) the most classic tele combos! needs alot of practice and skill to perfect tele . Relies on your predicting skills and awareness alot! taking your enemies by surprise is the key!

quadruple + laser the quad shot intimidates the players who give you the space you need to make use of your laser! you most definitely need good aim skills and awareness. very hard to master!

homing + jump maybe the first combo we learn. Unlike shot + jump this combo is more effective in medium to longer range rather than up close !

mine+mine very strategic, spammy combo and can be exceptionally efficient . Pretty hard to come to the top of the leaderboard with it but possible by a very small number of people.


These are all the combos I use when I swap powers each game.
Except Homing, and Quad Shot.


Hey Life! We did something similar together with Line: it was top 15 combos though. Also it was before last update so thick fever wasn’t so op (and balancing was a bit different) and there were no tele, 180 and dash. We didn’t add such comments as you, but we tried to actually rank them, so here it is:


oh nice i didnt knnow! I like that you’ve suggested counters as well, it puts a nice touch to it


Nice list tho, most combos are really viable if u know how to play them. But almost every combo has counters atm.


I would say corner and Lazer should be first because if you truly master it you can almost doge everything and surprise the enemy with a quick turn.


i agree with you even though my list is not in a particular order but if it was i would put it top 3 at least


combos with Thin is also gut, etc 2shot-thin,


yea maybe i just haven’t seen many people use thin to form an opinion about it. it obviously doesnt seem that bad though


It is far worse then others tho… doesnt really give u a dodging advantage compared to most other defensive modules…

A combo is only good against certain other combos, so it highly depends what your opponents use. I would almost say that you should pick your combo accoriding to what others use … but that is no fun :joy:


i don’t know about far worse because remember that you also have 30% protection. However there is a reason that people don’t prefer it , if it was really good then more people would use it for sure

Also combos are generally better against other combos indeed that’s why i prefer combos that minimize this dependence of what other people choose so that i don’t change them in every game


solution you NEED at least one fever :joy:


Tele laser is the best combo in the game. It’s just too hard and noone has learnt it.

I once try harder with it for 2 days and managed to get to the level where it was so friggin OP it was unfair, but then I had to do some work and life got in the way of my mastery. I have never played that good in CF before and never will again.

Tele laser is the best hands down no questions asked sorry for offending u

Lots of love,


stealth mine + dash is also a great combo


What kind of technique are you talking about for zap-hide/scatter-hide. I only play scatter-hide so I am curious what I could do better


Learn to drive around better, predict your opponents moves and try to be as unpredictable as possible urself.


teles take centuries to recharge so i find hard to believe you about that ‘best hands down no questions asked part’:stuck_out_tongue: if you play against good players they would exploit that fact. but i would like to see someone prove me wrong some time :slightly_smiling_face:


one of the greater things you can do is manage space better while you are on hide because hide is a pretty good surviving combo and not only for surprise attacks . for instance go throuigh holes while on hide so you can go again and not block them in the area that you might camp, also do an inverse camp in a small space to use it in its fullest and it also gives you time to think your next move. in the last rounds don’t start in the center cause you are vulnerable by the attacks of more people around you , as the round progresses go to the center or closer to areas where you are in reach of more opponents while they are fighting each other so they are distracted. these are some examples. i don’t know how to demonstrate that inverse camp thingy you basically turn around yourself in circles making the circle bigger going outside. also focus more about surviving than stealing points in first rounds


wow sick work, @Life
I love how you even mentioned jump+brake, haha
also, reading this post motivated me to try harder
and maybe get to the skill level I had in the past, it’s not a secret that I’m not playing as good as I used to


@74R45 ty my friend i have no doubt about your abilities!