Too Much Lag



Hi Developers,

I was playing this game recently and I was lagging so much that it killed me. I got in 6th and lost 16 points in general (currently). To me, a game that lags way too much for every few seconds is not to be very playable (which is one of the few only reasons why I only play this game a few times per day - maybe not at all).

Can you guys please fix this (although it’s completely in the ‘usual’ zone)?

From your biggest fan,

12217411 (You can call me ‘Stardust’, but it’s not my real name.)


Well i have no lags or fps loses now
that might help: Render performance tips
do the speed test here: and send screenshot


I think it might have to do more with region than anything. I rarely experience lag during regular hours. Perhaps it’s client-side?


I´ve put the settings to low qual 0.75
anti shadow partic all off

This has helped me a bit with the lag issues since last update. So my lag experience is now like cf3… playable but not so nice.


I might do that a bit later or tomorrow, but thanks for your suggestion. :heart:


Ive had lag issues too, I posted about them here.

It seems that others are saying they dont get lag anymore since the update and Ive already followed the guide and turned the settings down. Im out of ideas :confused:


I don’t know whether someone wrote about this issue before., but even if bug still ocurr. // Experienced sth weird :wink:


I got the same stuff today posted it somewhere here


I’m sorry, I retract my previous statement. The lag’s become unbearable for seemingly no reason.


I completely agree and think it’s ridiculous that this hasn’t been fixed yet. Idk what the developers are up to, this lag has been there since Curve Fever Pro launched and it’s so frikkin frustrating.