Too many air deaths


I’ve been seeing and experiencing way too many air deaths

COuld you please do something about this "desync bug"

I can only speak for myself, but I haven’t experienced any airdeaths!


I experience quite a bit of them in first rounds due to “1st round desync bug”, but I don’t think I remember any happening in later rounds.


It was only first round for me until I saw people dying like that in 2nd and 3rd round


Thank you for reporting this issue.
I will notify this to the developers, we will keep you up to date once we have more information.




Good news guys! While working on a different issue (making the flow faster, removing planet at the start of the match) I have stumbled upon this desync bug that happens in first round. I was able to reproduce it and actually found a fix for it, the issue was that you might receive input for other players before your game was loaded, in that case you will lose the first actions done by other players, leading to desyncs. The first-round desyncs should be drastically reduced (or fixed) in the next version.


thanks! It happens rarely in other rounds


first round of the game, from time to time, one of the player appears desync and going through other lines and even out of the screen and the other finished by dying into his invisible walls


Bonjour Pierre!

It actually also happens to me every 10 matches I’ll say.
Here I took a screenshot of the bug

Very boring indeed…


Same here … very rarely it also occurs during later rounds. But mostly in the first round.


Same as Line… :frowning:


still happening, always during first round … very annoying


:slightly_frowning_face: Happens to me too, but I forgot to take a screenshot…


and again and again and again (will stop posting screenshot but always the same problem always during frist round)


still happened to me today


Was it in the first round? Are you sure you did not have a lag spike?


first round, exactly like before (one was out of sync) and no lag detected


still happening quite often … last time on second round


do you have a match code?