Tons of bugs, bugs, and more bugs


Okay! So a list of bugs i have noticed in the last few rounds

  1. Player’s ship is big ( as in stepped in thick fever) and then when i hit it with Scatter Shot it turns back to normal. The replay explains everything, except that

  2. My replays aren’t loading!

  3. when i am in the pixelated fever, the bottom border thing disappears.

  4. This might be confusing but the player who was winning had a green +10 next to their name the whole round. Until they got hit by my scatter shot and died.

  5. (this is already a “known bug” but I died on nothing and then this happens. Just lag I guess. 23%20PM


Wow! all that in the same game?


Please make reports for each bug separated, this way we can not track them so archiving this.