Time for some Changes and maybe an Update



I have been playing TONS more in the past two weeks and have noticed quite a few things that could use or need some changes. Also, remember this is not a HATE topic I had some suggestions that would make a cool and simple update. :cookie:

First Match


  • Bots have had the same name for more than a year.
  • Colors are always the same.
  • Ranks are the same too.


  • Add a 50% chance of there being other bots with other skins.
  • Add one bot with a gold rank.
  • There could be an easy starter (bronze) Average (silver bronze and gold) and a hard (diamond and gold)

Avatars and Crowns


  • There is NO way to get new avatars from an old battle pass avatar or crown. With skins from old battle passes you can get them with gems.


  • Make it possible to buy avatars and crowns with gems.
  • Make them affordable (100-200 gems)

Rating System

There is NONE of this yet but I think it would be cool if players could rate powers, avatars, and crowns.
If you own the item you may rate it for an example
One-Shot average rating: 8.1/10
Paper Clip Avatar average rating 4.9/10
The Fist Crown average rating 9.5/10
IceCream Skin average rating 0.7/10 (true fact)

This could be a VERY cool way to share how good this is and how you like it for people that got 400 gems and they are wondering, “what should I get?” and they buy the iceCream skin and quit.
We DON’T what this to ever happen so if we could rate skins then everyone can spend their gems, Wisley.

There are a few more things I could add but that will be shared for a later time.
if you have any OTHER questions or suggestions comment on them below and I will probably have a response for you.

Time For Better Powers and Improvements!

Oh I almost forgot
Make zap and scatter less way to overpowered please. :grin:


They aren’t that much OP.
Double shot has 15.6% attack and it’s a long range shot.
Scatter shot and zap have 19.8% attack and they are close range powers. Zap even has a smaller range of attack than Scatter shot. If you think about it, if we lower the attack percentage of both powers, then nobody would be using them since every other shot would be much better than them.


I feel like I need to say something about this. First of all Rojoss have been putting lots of hard work in, and the game has already gotten several new updates. We should not pressure him to do more updates so quickly and so soon. The first match thing is not an issue at all. What is the problem with them having the same name? The same can be said for the colors, it doesn’t matter what the bots look like. As for the rankings. This is your first game. It is just meant to get you used to the game controls, not give you a huge challenge, as this is supposed to be your first game ever. The avatars and crowns part I do agree with, but it could be a little cheaper. 100-200 gems is way to much. As for the ranking system, that can easily be done in polls on Forum or Discord. There is no need to put something like that in-game. Finally, zap and scatter are not way too overpowered. Sure scatter could use a cooldown nerf, because it can be used way too often. As for zap, the only thing that would be good to change would be making it necessary to aim it. It is the only offensive power that you do not need to aim, and that should be changed. Now, I have said my bit. Let’s hear what others have to say.


That is quite true but I have lost 140 points in a single round and I was hit only 4 times.


Four times is quite a lot. It’s reasonable to lose that much.


ONLY 4 TIMES That is a lot. If you get hit 4 times then you should lose that many points, if you started with a fair amount.


Well I had like 300 points or 260 and I was camped and actully could not even die it was open area and when you get hit you jump so I was flying for a few seconds and still won somehow I stole most of it back.


Oh by the way, could you check your Wall of Glory post? I posted two new records there.


300 is a high number of points also… the higher your score is, the more points you will lose to shots.


dont say anything that gets my double shot nerfed


I’m more of a side shot person.


Same here.


I agree that there should be something like a shop from where to get old avatars or leaderhats from battle passes that you have missed or not claimed. Itd also be cool if there was this thing like in the older version of cfpro (i think) that you can level up your powers so that they steal more points for instance. Or for the cool down to be less time. It would be also cool, let’s say you have a lot of skins. Possibly all of them. You don’t want to put one as a top priority or second, third, etc. There could be this random skin option so that you never know which skin you will play with until you start the match. Another thing I was wondering was if there could be another rank added. Maybe the old rank “master” which would be placed before GM (grand Master).

Also @daRealPig u completely wrong abt ice cream. It’s a great skin though noone really plays with it. Most people prefer bee or angel, just like pineapple, it’s really unused.


Zap and scatter are really good powers of they are placed with agood partner, brake and scatter is for total noobs, speed and scatter is for people that lost their brain power and something like trigger scatter is good.


Also, same thing applies with zap. However I think it fits best with speedburst


rojoss said hes only making small updates and that is huge and a big update.


Hitting someone twice in 3 seconds is challenging, especially if they are somewhat conscious of it and making an effort to avoid this happening. I think the way zap aims is fine, the aiming is the process of getting within 30 range(?) of a player. Besides, new players need a way to actually hit people, this is why homing was moved to be the first power the player unlocked (the player doesn’t exactly have to aim homing either).


why not faster cooldown like 3 secs or 5 and lower damage if you adjust the cooldown then it helps counteract with the damage and also double is fine the way it is also 3 secs way to low for my liking


Master rank still exists i can show you.

As you can see, master rank starts at 1800 and master 5 starts at 2100 to beyond infinity.