Time for new modules?



So, with all these updates happening recently, I feel like it is time for a few new modules! Not sure how long it has been since a new module has been implemented. Maybe there hasn’t been a new one since Curve Fever Pro went live, which is kinda sad. I’ve looked at many of the other suggestions for new mods and while some of them seem promising, most of them are too complex and don’t follow the simple theme that CF has been known for.

As you are aware, there are four types of mods with a number [x] of each mod in that type:

  1. Red = Mines [4]
  2. Purple = Bullet/Zap/Laser [8]
  3. Green = Fevers [8]
  4. Blue = Defense [7]

I think if we fill out the module selection with three new mods, giving us a total of 30 modules, people would be content for a while and the meta has time to change and advance. I think a new mine, fever, and defense mod would be good additions to the collection. Here are some previous suggestions that I see as real potentials:

@Owl : “a Tall Wall power would be cool, which turns your line into a steel wall which can’t be destroyed by bombs or jumped over. Maybe it just blocks even throwables from passing it. This would be double-edged, as you would be able to block others from taking ur path, but you would also block yourself in.”

This would be a defense module that really seems promising. It wouldn’t’ be too difficult to make a unique looking line that can be distinguished from the others but provides some defense against throwables and maybe jump. @Leaf said that Tall Wall + Speedy would be too OP, but you could always restrict any other mod activation while using Tall Wall, right?

@Soapman : “Bomberman - shoot a trail of tiny bombs behind you (size 1 or 0.1) cooldown 10 or 5 seconds. And Meteor - have mines/meteors fall in a 25 unit radius of you.”

These are a good selection for a new mine module and they are different enough from the other mine mods to make for an interesting mod. I think the size of the bombs from either mod should be around 1/2 the size of the trigger bomb because the mods will be dropping many of them.

My own suggestion : Swipe - I think it would be under the purple category for mods, and it would be a close range attack, but only in the front/back half (depending on the keystroke you have it under) of your ship. It would have a similar range to that of zap (maybe slightly larger) and could be used to steal points from a player (maybe 12-14%, cut a section of a line away, and be able to pop/break fevers.

Now, this is a new concept that would have to be added because currently, there is no defense against fevers besides avoiding them. If fevers have the properties of a bubble, they could be “popped” with this mod, or if they had properties of a glass plate or something, they could be “broken” with the mod.

My own suggestion : Zoom Fever - This fever would zoom your field of view in about 25%, making the camera focus on you and you’d only be able to see only 75% of what’s around you. I think it would be an annoying fever because you couldn’t see the entire arena, but definitely still livable

The devs could play around with how much the FOV actually zooms in, whether more or less than 25%, but it’s a starting point. The other option would be a Zoom Out fever that does the opposite. Idk which one would be more annoying, honestly.

That is one of each type of fever listed, and I truly believe these are not too OP or complex for CFP. I enjoy the simplicity of the game where it’s at now and though other players’ suggestions are neat ideas, most of them appear to deviate far from the simplistic gameplay that CFP does so well. Let me know what you think about these suggestions and if you have any new ideas, feel free to post them below!



I think ur suggestions are cool.

Some more :

Wave Bomb - Deploys a bomb that constantly emits a wave with the area of a time bomb. It pulsates from the centre and pushes people away from the centre. Can be used to hold people off and push people into lines and fevers.

Gravity Bomb - Basically the opposite of the wave bomb. Pulls everyone affected into the centre for a while and steals points.

Overwrite - Your speed is decreased by 60% and the points stolen against you is increased by 50% during the duration of this ability, but for 4 seconds you can go over other player’s lines with your own.

Siphon Shot - If you hit someone with this ability, you will be slowed by 20% but you will continuously drain points from your enemy as long as they are in a medium sized range around you. You will stop draining if the enemy leaves the range/hits you. This shot goes through lines.

Support Sonar - This is an ability you can turn on / off when you press the ability button. It needs to recharge after being continuously used for 10 seconds. When this ability is used any other ships within a range around you have their speed slowed by 15% and their abilities steal 50% less against you


Check out this for new powers!! New powers, Lets think?


would be cool all those powers by becoming vip user xd like cf2


@BIGDROJAS I already looked through that topic, but most of the suggestions seemed super implausible like I mentioned. I want to hear some other suggestions that lean more toward the simpler side of things. Not being rude towards your post or anyone that suggested things, I just think some of them are unrealistic and need more thought to make them actually contenders for the new mods. Hopefully this doesn’t offend you!