Tilde not working in game



Hey, I cant seem to get fps and ping in game. Im on a UK keyboard so for me the ~ icon is next to enter, same key as #

I tried the button with and without shift, I also tried the american layout, the button above tab, (` and ¬) just in case. I also tried the |\ button too. Any ideas?



does this character work: ` (that is a back tick)

also, is there a button left of your 1 key? can you try that?


Thanks Geert, yes the button next to 1 which is above tab, has the ` and ¬ icons and I tried both with and without shift. The actual ~ icon doesnt work either, though they do when tested in notepad


so did the ` work or not?


No it was already tried before posting :confused: tried american (the key u suggested) and UK (my layout) and neither worked. Both keys tested, with and without shift for both layouts in game.


Also tested the keys in notepad to rule out it wasnt an error with my keyboard or the layout that windows has selected.


Neither for me…

I have a german keyboard so I get the tilde by pressing “Ctrl and alt and +” which is not working
and neither is the ` working which is “shift and ´”



I tried it on an UK keyboard, and it worked with @ (which was next to ~). We will probably change the key shorcut so it works with all keyboards.


Ok thats great thank you :slight_smile:


Yup working now, thank you :slight_smile:


on a german keyboard its the “Ö” button :joy:

TIP: just press all buttons eventually u r gonna get there :joy:


Or you will close your browser xD


Is not working those buttons for me,i’ll wait for a new patch ,dont worry


Marking this as fixed because we’ve added more hotkeys.
You can also use equals (=) or backslash (\)