Tier List by Elo (Updated for v1.8.6)


This is the old post, it was very outdated so I decided to make a new one. I bet there are a lot of mistakes in this one and stuff I missed because I typed this up really quickly so feel free to reply with suggestions and stuff like that

S Tier:

Trigger Bomb: 9.3/10

very fun ability. You can do a lot of things with this ability such as go invulnerable and steal so this is essentially 3 abilities in one if you learn it. Jump, shield and a small mine (Well you can do this with the other mine abilities but this one makes it a lot easier.) Unfortunately you won’t be able to steal consistently with it because if a good player sees it flying towards them it’s very easy to dodge due to the small radius

:arrow_upper_right: Synergies: Brake, other offensive abilities
:x: Countered by: Angle turns, Jump
:white_check_mark: Counters: Time bomb, Mines, speed burst, shots

Stealth Mine: 9.3/10
The stealth ability of this works very well in lower arenas, however it gets less useful the higher up in the ranks you go because competent players won’t forget where stealth mines are in their vicinity. I expected stealth mine to have a much lower steal than the regular mine because of the stealth ability but… they are basically the same. With a difference of 0.1% steal it barely matters so this is basically just a better mine which I find dumb. Just like mine, this is an overall very strong ability that can help you survive a lot better and steal a good amount of points.

:arrow_upper_right: Synergies: Mines, Fevers, Brake
:x: Countered by: Angle Turns, Trigger Bomb, Shield

Mine 9.2/10
Really strong ability. Like fevers, the ability to linger on the arena allows you to place a lot of mines in chokepoints and areas that ships will have to go through allowing you to rack up a large amount of points. Unlike fevers though, this module boosts your survivability a ton which is why i’ve placed the mine modules way up here.

:arrow_upper_right: Synergies: Mines, Fevers, Brake
:x: Countered by: Angle Turns, Trigger Bomb, Shield

Angle Turns: 9.0/10

Could be slightly biased since I basically one trick this now, but this module is great for defense and can be used on the offensive too. Instant 180 turns allow you to avoid most things anyone throws at you as well as stall in a spot waiting for the perfect moment to attack someone as they go into a choke point. Of course there is also the insane camping ability, and if you’re good you won’t be able to get hit unless you get a ton of fevers and mines thrown at you at the same time. Zap Speed doesn’t work on this at all because you can easily juke them too. If there is a bad thing about this module it is that navigating tight diagonal spaces become extremely difficult and there is a high amount of precision required to use it.

:arrow_upper_right: Synergies with: Time bomb, Laser
:x: Countered by: Most fevers, mines,
:white_check_mark: Good against: Shots, laser, steer-less, reverse, zap, scatter, speed burst

A Tier:

Speedy 8.9/10
The most versatile fever there is, very effective at killing off other players and can double as a speed burst. The offensive capability of this module is far above the other fevers.

:arrow_upper_right: Synergies: Zap, Scatter shot, Fevers, Mines, Brake, Jump
:x: Countered by: Brake, Jump
:white_check_mark: Counters: Angle Turns, Shield

Time Bomb 8.7/10
The nerf to time bomb moves this down to A-tier. The defensive capabilities of this module were reduced but still a bit superior to mine and stealth mine, but it is a lot worse at stealing than stealth and mine.

:arrow_upper_right: Synergies: Angle Turns, Multi-shot, Brake
:x: Countered by: Speed burst, Angle Turns, Shield

Multi shot 8.5/10
Multi-shot has the highest steal % of all shot modules and is not even that hard to use. Because there are 4 fireballs even if you can’t control them, you can even just randomly shoot and if you’re close to someone there is a good chance it will hit.

:arrow_upper_right: Synergies: Time bomb, Speed burst, Jump
:x: Countered by: Angle turns, Shield
:white_check_mark: Counters: Brake

Laser 8.5/10
Laser has a good steal% and can be really hard to avoid when used by a good player. Just a very solid offensive module .

:arrow_upper_right: Synergies: Angle Turns, Steer-less
:x: Countered by: Angle turns, Brake

Side Shot 8.4/10
High steal% shot module and easy to use.

:arrow_upper_right: Synergies: Time bomb, Speed burst, Jump
:x: Countered by: Angle turns, Shield
:white_check_mark: Counters: Brake

Jump 8.4/10
This defensive module gives just slightly less survivability compared to brake imo but in exchange, you can make more plays. Combining this with a speed boost allows you to make a super jump, you can jump over lines and shoot other players and make hard dodges by jumping over lines.

:arrow_upper_right: Synergies: Shots, Speed Burst, Speedy
:x: Countered by: Laser
:white_check_mark: Counters: Speed Burst

Brake 8.3/10
Has a short cooldown and gives a big boost to survivability. You can use the slow and boosted turning speed offensively to aim offensive modules at other ships too. As long as you aren’t careless with using it this is a very powerful module. You can do 180’s with this and camp for a very long time, the downside is smart players might target you when you brake and throw stuff at you which will be very hard to avoid when you are slowed. People trying to cut you off will be a problem as well.

:arrow_upper_right: Synergies: All mines
:x: Countered by: Shots, Zap, Scatter

Double Shot 8.2/10
One ups one shot by a little bit. Same steal as side shot but I feel like side shot gets more situations where it can be used effectively

:arrow_upper_right: Synergies: Jump
:x: Countered by: Angle turns, Shield
:white_check_mark: Counters: Brake

One shot 8.1/10
Decent ability, lowest steal of all the shot modules and with only 1 fireball but it’s easy to aim.

:arrow_upper_right: Synergies: Jump
:x: Countered by: Angle turns, Shield
:white_check_mark: Counters: Brake

Hide self 8.1/10
Has a short enough cooldown that you stay hidden for a longer duration than when you are visible. You can combine this with a high steal ability to make plays and apply pressure to opponents usually making them avoid you so you can play defensive as well

:arrow_upper_right: Synergies: Zap, Scatter-shot
:white_check_mark: Counters: Speed burst

Zap 8.0/10
This close-range high steal ability can turn a game around in one successful use, however it is quite hard to get off against a good player as most would be quick to suicide rather than run into a zap player late-game. Only viable if you have a synergy with it imo.

:arrow_upper_right: Synergies: Speedy, Speed Burst, Hide self
:x: Countered by: Angle turns, Shield

Scatter Shot 8.0/10
Basically the same as zap

:arrow_upper_right: Synergies: Speedy, Speed Burst, Hide Self
:x: Countered by: Angle turns, Shield

B Tier:

Steer-less 7.9/10
Pretty good at crashing other ships with a decent steal%

:arrow_upper_right: Synergies: Other fevers, mines
:x: Countered by: Angle turns
:white_check_mark: Counters: Shield

Thick 7.8/10
Pretty solid fever module, has a good steal% but the physical status it inflicts is one of the weaker ones.

:arrow_upper_right: Synergies: Other fevers, Mines
:x: Countered by: Thin
:white_check_mark: Counters: Shield

Trippy 7.7/10
The best visual effect fever imo, it is a lot harder to play with this effect than low-res and curve blind.
:arrow_upper_right: Synergies: Other fevers, mines
:white_check_mark:Counters: Shield

Reverse 7.5/10
Has the lowest steal% of any fever at 7% and the status effect is almost useless against some good players. It’s not hard to learn how to counter reverse

:arrow_upper_right: Synergies: Other fevers, mines
:x: Countered by: Angle turns
:white_check_mark: Counters: Shield

Speed Burst 7.2/10
It’s just speedy but only usable on yourself. The only advantage of this is that the activation time is lessened. The duration of the speed effect is also increased on this but I consider that a disadvantage

:arrow_upper_right: Synergies: Zap, Scatter-shot, Multi-shot, Jump
:x: Countered by: Angle turns, Zap, Scatter-shot, Hide self, Steer-less

C Tier:

Shield 6.9/10
Very basic ability and kind of boring. Can come in clutch and save you sometimes but doesn’t even negate fevers

:arrow_upper_right: Synergies: Zap, Scatter
:x: Countered by: Fevers
:white_check_mark: Counters: Mines, Shots

Homing 6.5/10
I think one of the only good things about this ability now is that it’s easy to use and I don’t care so much about that

Clock Block 6.5/10
I haven’t seen someone use this in so long, the status it inflicts is very bad and only steals 10%.
:arrow_upper_right: Synergies: Fevers/mines
:white_check_mark: Counters: Angle Turns, Hide self

D Tier

Curve-blind 5.7/10
Ok steal for a fever but the visual effect is meh

Low-res 5.6/10
Weak effect compared to other fevers and not even a lot more steal to compromise for it. There isn’t much reason to use this ability when you have other fevers available to you.

Thin 5/10
It got buffed recently but its just a really basic ability without much potential. Helps out steering but rarely does anything brake/jump can’t do. Has a pretty good synergy with angle turns but it’s 2 defensive modules so it’s not very good in this meta where stealing is important


This is a lot better then the last list. Agree with most of it. I think hide-self and shield should be a little higher. And idk if angle turns has any counters at all atm. At least on a 1v1 basis you can pretty easily dodge everything, so without teaming you don’t really get a hit on a semi-decent corner player.


Yea I think you’re right actually. I tried hide self out and it was actually really strong, even in high ranks it applies a lot of pressure and people tend to stay away from you and don’t target you at all. I’ve played angle turns in a 1v1 against a double mine player and it was pretty rough though, the arena is very small and they just cake wherever you are with mines and you can’t do much except try go invuln with time bomb and play minesweeper lol. Gonna move it and shield up


Nice work


Good thing that you used the rating system for the modules like I did for my module rating list.


I actually was referring to a 1v1 situation in a 6 player room. Let’s say you have a full room, the corner player is in front and only you are attacking him/her. Then it gets really hard :wink: Maybe I am just a bot but with corner you can dodge stuff kinda easily.

If more players attack the corner player it obviously gets a lot harder.

But nice work! <3


Ok :grinning: But it’s actually not true at all in higher arenas (especially hideself with zap). If you try to always be aggressive then people will be aware of your plan and shoot you easily with fevers/shots. Actually it’s better to be defensive 4 out of 5 hides so they don’t know when exactly you’re going to attack. And it actually gives a huge boost to defence: it helps to dodge everything and it gives you twice more space with camping. Also disagree with thin: I got to #1 rank with it :joy:
Other than that the list is quite good!


By the way you forgot curve-blind. They buffed it but I still think it’s the worse fever in a sense of effect (not percentage). It’s no wonder you forgot it :joy:
Also would be cool to see a combo rating (maybe top 10). Your angle+time bomb is one of the best, but I still think that double fever (or better mine+fever) is the best combo right now.


The Line of Thought: “Hmm, trigger bomb is rated higher, this one is much better”


Lol yea I forgot that one existed. I’ll change my review on hide self bcz that makes sense too.


I liked the revious one as well. Some modules were just not that well interpreted imo. Btw trigger seems a little high here :joy:



fevers are bae.

all fevers are A+ tier.

change my mind.

(also, thin is good its just you need to have really good control to make it useful. You can go through practically nonexistent gaps with it if you have the control to do so, its just that it requires control which cfpro players rarely have.)


Stealth mine disappears after a while.


The Curve-Blind Fever is so bad that Elo forgot to put it in his list. :smile:

(I know that it’s now on the list, but that was the point of the joke.)


sorry but when i read the phrase “tier list by elo” i thought it was literally,the tier list by elo (rank score) xd and thought something like for example Svo has a unique high tier badge and me a different one,im so dumb