Thoughts on team matches


After playing the team matches for 3 days now, I have some thoughts and feedback to share. I hope this is a good place to do this.

I am open to the new game mode, I find the team aspect nice and sometimes the matches get really intense, which is great. Though it is is not working well at the moment. It needs finetuneing to make sure most of the games are fun. Cause right now some of them are not at all.

Main concern:
The super short games. The balance is not right all. You start with 3x100, and when one team survives first round with 2 players active, they get 2x50 after that. They all donate, speedy to the goal and there’s absolutely nothing you can do… This happens way more often than it should.

Other concerns:

  • delivering the ’ final hit’ is not so hard to do and very hard to defend againtst. If a team with good players get 400+ the game is almost always over
  • teams are not clear enough. Since who is in my team and who’s not is so essential its just not clear enough. I need to know at all times ‘do i have to block this one or let him pass’, ‘is this one donating points or is he attacking our base’. I have mistaken between these and it costs victories. Why not shade all lines red or all lines blue? It should be that kind of clear.
  • what to do with dropout players. There needs to be a compensation when one player drops out. All you opportunities to gain points are reduced now, so something to balance that out. Maybe more than 10 points per player at the start of each round?


  • have some obstacles in the course, making the attacking players a bit more confined in space and easier to defend against. And to at least prevent the straight line speedy attack. The higher ranked the room the more tight the space would work fine I guess
  • make the game last multiple rounds? So for example the base has 1000, and you can only attack once you have 300 or more. That way you can get familiar with the attack strategy after each successful one and adapt.
  • maybe scale the rewards down for surviving with multiple players? 50 for 1 player, 80 to share for 2, 105 to share for 3?
  • team chat? Some quick way to say to you team ’ defend me’ , ‘attack’ or ’ go donate’ would be wonderful

Thank you for listening!


Devs have already said, that team will be, it’s not for now because of lack of time :slight_smile:
Hmm, with good player, it’s not so hard to defend, even Bantonaut can be defended if u have Thauron in team :smiley:
But interesting idea with base 1000 and attack with only 300. But idk if games wouldn’t be too long because of it, with Banto we have about 10 rounds when one player has 400, it took so long :slight_smile:


Is there a possibility to play the old style curvefever or make a second que?


This is only momentarily ffa will come back eventually. At the moment you can only play it in costum matches tho!


I’m glad to hear that! Waiting until the day I log in and am greeted with an update which brings back FFA in Quickplay. I get that they want to test a new mode but replacing the existing one altogether feels like I’m being forced into testing it. I know I can go to customs but lets face it theres hardly any FFA games going on and it’s a pain to get organised. Don’t get me wrong I like teams and it’s improved since it launched but I want that mode to be optional extra on top the original quickplay mode. I trust that adding an extra mode requires more code than simply replacing the current one and I shall choose to believe that is the reason rather than it being a forced beta, which it feels like.

Good work guys, but waiting patiently