This topic is about other games not spamming!



I really hope this topic doesn’t get closed
Post what topics you’d like to see.
What topics are interesting to you?
In addition, post a daily summary of everything video games!
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Bruh y you make random and useless topics so common


I prefer Mega Man X games.
And I agree with this:






Guys, what’s the point of making topics without a specific purpose? This forum is not just to fool around, it’s about important and related stuff about the game. If you want to talk about something completely offtopic, just go to the discord #offtopic channel. That way you won’t be spamming the whole forum with pointless topics and posts.


He in offtopic




ahahahahha very funny


But, I removed message


It is in offtopic, but there is not a point of this topic. A topic should be for discussions and not just because you want to make it famous or you want to spam.


I cant get discord its blocked, besides this is in the offtopic category and I like forum better


besides, im not spamming, im talking about games
if anybody would ever jin in the discussion
ill start one now
for example: How can link hold so many things in his pocket


Sorry I want to change name of this topic to previvous name of this topic


You can always make one single topic about all the games you want to play. But if you make a topic for every single idea you have, then you fill the whole forum with nothing more than spam.


this topic is for all games
my first topic is for random discussion
my dragonball topic is for dragonball
and so on and so on
you get the idea?
or do you not see my organization?


Whenever I make a topic everybody just ends up talking about something else


well, I guess its meme time.