This is getting worse



This post is mainly directed to developers and higher roles. I understand you do everything to make community happy, but the problem is your servers can’t handle the game properly. Any match I play on EU room it’s just lagging or getting a lag spike up to 500ms that makes all player actions delayed or ignored, in most situations causes simple death. And it’s not about my ping if I have stable 40ms on LoL europe servers for example. My experience in CFP takes about 7 months and I remember my beginnings very well - smooth and lag-free game that got me into it, but now it’s just unplayable. Do you have any solution for this problem?


That is such a Big run on sentence but I understand your point.


I do not know what it is but I am in Europe so I use the EU servers. They are perfectly fine for me and they don’t cause any lag.


Then you’re lucky. I think EU043 is giving this huge lag spike.