There should be a way to disable all emojis



i don’t want to see any of those cringe faces, and i’m pretty sure there are other that feel this way


Do you talk about :

  • Emojis in this forum?
  • Emojis in the chat of the game?
  • Emojis 1/2/3/4 close to your ship in game?

Or really ALL? :scream:
(Sorry for this one)


I think he means the ingame emojis by pressing 1-4… I can see how they are a little annoying! Making them a possibility might be an option in the future


i meant overall in-game emojis, but the 1-4 are the most frustrating [at least to me]


I do not really get why they are frustrating, but I think the can be optional.


Loses a round, enemy reaction:

:joy::joy::joy::joy: [spamming 1 couple of times]

and on a chat, typing xD, :D, :), :* etc. makes an emoji, and personally i do not like it


Haha :joy: yea well that sucks… its almost like a fortnite dance lol