There needs to be quick play


I know there is already a “quick play” but you still have a rank in that. I want a game mode where I don’t have to worry about my rank. The fact that I lose my rank is a big reason I stop playing this game at certain points, but I would definitely continue playing if I did not need to worry about losing rank. I know I can just not care about my rank, but still seeing that go down is very discouraging. So, I am asking the developers to please create a way for players to be able to play the game where rank does not matter.


In a custom game you can choose whether a game is ranked or not ranked. (if you are the host)


That’s true, it’s still not a quick play. Maybe we should just have “Quick Play” with a button “Unranked” <-> “Ranked”.


Custom games with random people is way too boring :joy:,i’d suggest playing the game (quick game) without caring how low or high u are ,just have fun and try different powers,u might be the next goat just keep trying :v:


You can also leave before you see your rank, so you don’t notice you are losing rank. :rofl:

We currently do not want to split the Quick Play queue as that will increase the matchmaking time. As of now, the only way to play unranked games is in the Custom Rooms.