There is the team update?



I know you said it would be on Monday but it hasn’t come yet? Today the team tournament will start!


there must have been some misunderstanding. On this Monday we would start working on teams, not finish it. So it won’t be finished upcoming week.


The teamtour will take place anyways :stuck_out_tongue: We already had a team tour and it worked pretty well.




Maybe they are waiting for the end of summer?


Rojoss was saying they were testing different modes to see which was most fun, I kinda hope they just add a couple of different ones to customs so we can test before the new school year starts.


There won’t be teams in customs at the initial release.
Customs will be FFA and quickplay teams.
It was also explained in the dev blog.


Yeah I was just worried that nothing was going to come out as we haven’t heard anything recently and if you were struggling to choose a best game mode, then maybe releasing into customs would allow us to test without it being too intrusive. But hey you gave an update while I was typing! I’m gassed!