The year 2019


Hello everyone,

I want to wish you all the best for the new year, 2019! 2018 was sometimes a bumpy ride but I believe in a new year full of new opportunities, chances and friendship.
Enjoy your time with friends, family, your dog or your pc, game console or potato




happy new year fam!!!


What are you saying, the Wii is way better than XBOX xd


I edited it, happy now :joy:


Thanks bro, I appreciatite that


New year’s resolution for the devs:

  • friends list
  • rejoin button,
  • team games,
  • premium account option,
  • replay function,
  • more powers,
  • more skins (and ability to give your priority for the free skins),
  • avatars.

Like if you agree.


I agree, but I would change all these things on just a possibility to have freedom of choice for modules. Unfortunately it’s a pay to play game now for me.


I understand that everyone gets his own kind of pleasure from the game, so for some people it’s fine to change modules every 2 games. But I always enjoyed only several particular combos. And I don’t like to be forced to play without any joy 80-90% of time. Of course in 10 months the game exists I tried all the combos, so random will never suddenly propose me a new combo I’ll enjoy.


I also miss having “energy” on the field. Having to pathfind in order to collect the energy needed to shoot weapons was an awesome part of the game.


yes yes happy newyear


I liked that too! But maybe there can be combined version? :wink: Cooldown + some rare energies around. Could be cool for some long-cooldown modules


Hey guys. You’ve probably never had seen me in weeks (or a month) because I got tired of playing this game, but I came here to say that I’m back – with my 2019 me. :sunglasses:

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