The upgrades need to be added again!



So currently there is nothing in the chest except for some XP points which is not a reward at all(the better the tier of the chest the more XP you get)

And I was thinking about power upgrades and I think it is unfair that developers removed it

Why it is unfair:

  • The more the game has been updated the more developers focused on new players more than the old ones sp by removing powers they deleted all their hard work of earning those powers

  • Then the powers were deleted some people didn’t get any compensation back so it was more frustrating than ever

Why you should add it again:

  • You can’t run from power upgrades by just deleting them look at the other games: Brawl Stars - has upgrades, fruit ninja go - has upgrades.

*Instead of removing power upgrades simply just make every fight ranked by the level of powers the ship is currently using LVL 2 powers - more people with the same level (that would solve the whole problem)

That’s all I have to say please explain why wouldn’t the suggestion on this thread be right


First up, there probably won’t be any big updates in the future. Secondly, devs removed the upgrades for a reason, they were unfair. Don’t get me wring I loved them and I was pretty damn strong with my lvl 10 scattershit stealing 100.000 points :joy: but ye it was unfair :joy:


There even were ppl who lost their money(ppl who took many time to upgrade their few selected powers)Imo that point was unfairest of big update ,anyways the game it’s ok as it is,some little tweaks needed yet but playable at least


it would be very unfair, cuz as you said, in brawl star, there are upgrades, but you usually fight people with same levels as you. Here you always get matched with 1 or 2 bronzes and if they have level 1 power and you have level 10… well it just suck for them


Well what’s the problem in matchmaking by power lvl


Idk btw brawl stars is a trash


In fact when ship/modules upgrade system was on,much people were complaining about it,so whats the point of bring it back xd ,i’d hate listening again ppl moaning :weary::weary::weary:


I can understand not having Upgrades but something to get in boxes might be a very solid idea.
Yes , indeed you get only XP from boxes.


If someone brought upgradeable ships back ,i still remember how op i was with my level 7 trigon :sob::sob::sob:


I personally would like if upgrades were brought back, but the previous system was certainly…flawed. I’ll need to brainstorm a bit to come up with ideas for how to replace that system.