The update before the update


It is a fun game to play, where you laugh a lot, having a more ‘serious’ vibe did not feel right.

I used to laugh with the old style. Now it makes me cry. :cry:


Yes! you are appealing to a different group of people, but because of the change other people are leaving. So you’re trading one group for another. With my idea that I offered, you could be appealing both groups.

An analogy for you: what keeps companies running is demand, if you do not give your customers what they want they will go elsewhere. Corresponding this to cfp if you do not give the players what they want they will leave, and start playing a different game. So why try to hurt your player base when such a simple solution could fix it?

Personally I’m indifferent to the new look, but some are not, and this “controversy” going on over ships/themes is really ripping some of the community apart. I don’t want them to leave because this is good game with lots of potential, i’m sure you don’t want them to leave too!

Making a themes feature would not that hard considering you already have the themes. all you need is to add a button to interface them.


nice try----but u was not here around the lasz month…the main issue with this game is the fairness in matchmaking…low player base…no solöution 2 expand at these days…and of course now that the better ship mission has fallen apart…lets go 4 the benefits…


I have been around; I’ve been playing since the start of the game, and i try to read all posts.

whenever there’s a problem we always ask to get it fixed, but it seems that every time we ask a fix to a problem we always get something else “FIXED”. I’ve said it before on the Discord server and ill say it again…
“we ask for bug fixes, we get a new layout (custom games update). ask for bug fixes again, and we get a new theme.” this whole thing I do not understand, why when we ask for one thing we get another?

@krush187theendplay I’m trying to get one thing “fixed” out of the many.


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Why in the world does the Piercer remind me of a Christmas tree? :rofl:


I like the insignificant difference between the ships, unlike the old version of CFP