The update before the update


As promised in my last post, this is the update on what’s happening with fixing the ship progression. The new ships will make their in-game debut as soon as the newest update goes live. In the meantime, you can check out here the new ships, how they look and more specifically how they differ from level to level in the photo below.

New ship progression (level 1 -> level 8):

  • bigger ships -> smaller ships
  • friendly flame -> menacing flame
  • many bigger wings -> 1 smaller wing
  • wings in front -> wings in back
  • common looking -> exotic looking

The current set should clearly show who has the coolest ship in the arena.

I will also do my best to give you some insight on the thought process behind update 1.1.7 just to clear the air and hopefully give you all some context. I’ll try to keep it to the point and not go off on tangents so I hope you’ll bear with me :joy:.
When we released the new art style we wanted to simultaneously continue with one of our goals of making more clear that the most important choice a player has to make before the game is to choose modules, and not the ship. It’s not about the ship, it’s about what’s inside it. We quickly found out that players really like having a nicer ship that shows off their progression to others. This is where all your feedback came in and really helped us find a middle ground so that now the ships will have a clear progression from level 1 to level 8 without the extreme size difference (there is still a size difference, as you can see from the photo, but it’s not as big as before as that affected game-play too much).
Looking forward to hearing what you all think of the new ships! :smile:


Dang, I was wrong. They look extraordinarily exotic as they progress. Maybe the ships should’ve been called the ‘winged ships’ or the ‘wingers’. :joy: You really got some ‘Flavor’ into these ideas. Also, did you have a graph where you compare the old ships as you progress? I won’t be mad if you don’t. :slightly_smiling_face:


The new ship designs are still not as cool as the old ones, but I like the effort. Only comment would be maybe, the lvl 8 ships can have “no wings” and look like the pure shape? I feel like lvl 8 and lvl 5 trigon look similar atm for example.

I think legolas’ lvl 8 penta was cool because it looked like a pentagon with no wings or extra baggage - lvl 8 ships being just the shape (like trigon just a triangle, etc.) would make the ships look smaller (more showy-offy without being gamebreaking) and would generally look pretty damn cool.


I had to agree with Owl. Although it’s still not as good as the old and the classic ones, the effort is enough to look pleasing. In fact, Lv. 8 and 5 do look similar. The Modern Oracle looks rather cool than the other pentagons because it has no extra wings or baggage like the others. Would’ve been nice if Level 8 ships are just the regular shapes because it makes good sense to do this. That’ll make a showy-offy taste into these.
P.S. I still missed the old ships. :pensive:
Edit: Trigons Levels 5, 7, and 8 look similar to each other, don’t you think? (Talking about the classic ones)


Well after it has got 90% worse its getting 20% better now.
Still not comparable with the old ships…


I have to agree with Bantonaut. I don’t like to criticise developers since they put so much effort and the game is free. But this last update definitely wasn’t a success in my opinion. I’ll put some moments I didn’t like here:

  1. Energy above the ship is not the best place. It was definitely better before. It’s pretty uncomfortable to have energy on your way, it distracts a lot.
  2. I have pretty bad internet right now and I can’t really see which modules people use when the symbols are near their ship, but it was always clear before in the right column (with score). Why did you delete it?
  3. The most important one: this design is childish and somehow repulsive for me. Maybe these flames make the picture look more attractive for newcomers, but the game is not addictive for me anymore. The game had some nice atmosphere but I don’t feel like I want to dive into this new atmosphere after update. It made me discover cf2 (I played cf3, but not cf2). And it’s really good!

Maybe these are my personal problems, but I feel that I’m not alone with such an opinion.


You’re not alone, my friend.

  • friendly flame -> menacing flame
  • many bigger wings -> 1 smaller wing
  • wings in front -> wings in back
  • common looking -> exotic looking

Well, these four points don’t really make a difference, right? It’s just a matter of design, not a real advantage in a game. So we got back to different sizes as the only real progress. However, they don’t differ that much as before as their collision part is about the same from lvl 5 on.

Not even mentioning that this childish look and worthless flames still remained. I can see your point in fosucing on modules rather then ship lvls, but that has nothing to do with this new design. You could easily keep old ships, only balancing their size.

I don’t know … Not really convinced to come back by this … As Banto pointed out - with the last update we took 5 steps back and now we’re going only one forward.

I totally appreciate your effort to keep improving the game, but just don’t feel the same about the way you do that. Maybe in a future when you wanna do such an enormous change like this one, it would be better to get a feedback first before implementing the change and making so many people upset.


Come to think of it, it doesn’t change anything at all; just the design. :neutral_face:
Why?! It was good before that update. :rage:


You could easily keep old ships, only balancing their size.

That would be to easy…
Nah we will get another 3 design updates untill we find out, that the old ships still were the best


I know, right? :rofl:


Oh come on Banto, there’s your motivation to get a higher lvl ship you asked for - you can get a blue flame coming out instead of red, that will definitely scare your opponents to death. :joy:


I cant even find a word for my motivation :3

Maybe they just trying to change the target group with the new design.
Instead of 10 + it got 10 >


Nailed it yet again. Beautiful ships :+1:t5:


Oh my, Lego’s younger sister hacked his account again … :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I already offered the “best solution,” but I guess it’s gone on deaf ears. add customizations; so that people can change themes, colors and so forth. that way it will be “more appealing” to both age groups.

or the “best idea yet”. being able to completely customize your ship(s).choosing what you want to upgrade on the ship paying coins. for example you want your ship to be a little bit faster or turn radius smaller; pay 500 coins.

“Prestige points” could work with this too! Where you have your ship level, and you have an experience level. How this level would go up is by playing games, and after you play “x” amount of games you will eventually level up, and get 1 Prestige Point then you can apply that point to one of your ships. ( for example again if you want your ship to be a little bit faster apply that point to your ship.


Great idea, Champ. :+1:


looks nicer but the grids need a return too.


I think some other user in the forum did this as a test.


Hey guys, I just wanted to say that we also really liked the old ships but we decided to go with a more friendly and accessible art-style. We are hoping that this will appeal to a bigger group of players and therefore opponents to play with for you guys :stuck_out_tongue: . Eventually the previous style didn’t really fit the gameplay in our opinion. It is a fun game to play, where you laugh a lot, having a more ‘serious’ vibe did not feel right. We would love to add customization and stuff but we are now focusing on improving the game-play first.

A general poll on the new theme/look