The unwritten rules of FFA



Hey guys, so I constantly hear things in game like “why are you not attacking the leader” or “why are you attacking last place”

As someone who has always had the “run and gun” approach, I try to place shots on anyone in sight while surviving. So it’s in my nature to hit lot’s of people in succession and not all will be first or last place. I don’t stop in the heat of the moment to spare much thought on whether the next guy is in last place and if it’s politically or socially correct to attack him/her. I already have to glance around enough to aim my fevers let alone spare extra time to check what place they are in or if someone else might get upset as a result.

Don’t get me wrong I’m still aware of whose winning and know that there are times when it’s needed to switch focus to the person in the lead depending on my current position so some thought is needed. But I don’t spare this thought before every shot and I’ve won many games by simply feeding off anyone at random and surviving the longest. But someone said perhaps that’s why I’m not ranking up… Perhaps I need to switch my focus to the leader more often.

So to try and be a better player - I’d love to know what your guys unwritten rules of FFA are and why. Are there times you could steal but decide to hold your fire because of some etiquette, perhaps the victim wasn’t in first place so you let them go? Are there times you could win but give the game to someone who deserved it more? Do you limit yourself to the amount of times you are allowed to hit the same person before it’s deemed as unfair focusing/trolling?

At what point does your in game etiquette become more important than winning?


I think the MOST important unwritten rule is fuck up the best ranked player,doesnt matter if u are gold 5 between lower golds and worse players xd.people will harass you everytime,either 1st or last round xd


well if someone shit talks me in chat i most of the time just harass them most of the game, and as i play hide/zap at all times its quite easy to do

and when it comes to 1st place target, i do it when they’re about to win, or the point difference between 1st and 2nd gets too big

Sometimes when i got a player trapped by the wall i tend to spare them, there is no point in just crushing them against the wall


generally, I don’t really care at all ever, unless I have a grudge or something