The ultimate challenge for only the best



If you dare to complete all of the challenges below you can win one of the GREATEST prizes.

I am going to GIVE 400 to however can complete this incredibly hard challenge. There are still a few VERY important rules! Please read this below.

:stop_sign: Rules

  • You need to complete all challenges to win the prize.
  • if you enter then you put your gems on the line
  • if you do not complete the challenge in the given time then you are out of the running and you are forced to give me 190 gems!

:gem: :trophy: Prizes

400 :gem: - First to complete!


If no1 completes all of the challenges then you can not earn the gems you will only need to pay me 190 gems

:crossed_fingers: Challenges

  1. Win a 1v1 with powers are not allowed for both players @daRealPig IN-GAME USER (Pig)
  2. Place top three by only using any of these powers: Teleport, Blind Fever, 180
  3. Get last place ten times in an unranked match

? Questions

If you have any message me or comment on them below!

:spiral_notepad: Take note

Lots more challenges will come soon! a total of ten! send me a screenshot for when you complete it!

  • dates- 2nd batch is ending on Monday!


Lol :rofl:


Not gonna lie I would lose hard!


You know account sharing is fordibben, don’t you? If you pass your account to someone else it would be banned.


Really? Why? Also, you should say forbidden not forbidded. Lol!


Mostly because whoever creates the account, it’s their’s and only their’s. It’s like this everywhere


Oh. Well that makes sense I suppose.


:frowning: frick :frowning:
so ig this was a waste


just change the prize. I mean why not?


I am changing the prize to 400 :gem:


Niceee. Definitely going to try now. It will hurt. :no_mouth: :confounded:


I’m in as CurveMaster. Can do challenge Thursday, 4:00 pm EST


Can do Thursday at 10:00 EST or 2:30 EST
Also, don’t expect much rank from me :joy: I’m stuck at gold and is 1208 ffa or so
Question about the “win a match 3rd or higher” thing: So we choose 1 of those 3 powers and match it with something else, like curveblind and multi, or it needs to be curveblind and tele or 180?
Btw remember that time when u accidentally set that 1v1 to ranked and u almost lost 27 ffa to me?


I’m stuck at all levels of gold.
Been catapulted from gold through gold five for past month or so.
I could do the challenge tommorrow at maybe 9 or 10 am. This is Georgia, USA time.


Remember the old saying. Perfect practice makes perfect.


Everyone, please make note of these few things!
if you enter the time frame for the first three challenges ends on Monday! you have around a week! I will be online for the 1v1s today.
by entering you agree to any rules, if you fail to complete the rules you can not be in any of the up-coming challenges ever.
If you do not screen-shot and post it here it does not count!

Contestants (Current)


So, you will buy gems to the winner?




:money_mouth_face: wow time to tryhard


Okay, since some stuff aren’t that clear, could you clarify?
What we know is that there is a time limit to enter this challenge and it’s Monday.
There are three challenges for now but more will come later.

First one is to beat you in 1v1 with no powers for both of us.

Second would be… becoming top 3 GM? This is not enough clear.

Three is a bit pointless since all you need to do is to not touch your keyboard. Surely the challenge would have been a bit more interesting if you had to lose ten matches in ranked match, but this is not the case here.

Lastly, I would like to ask you… how would this work?

What if people just quit this and what’s the point of this penalty? After all, they won’t get the prize if they fail to do a challenge on time.