The Two Most Popular Combos


The two most popular combos are TIME BOMB+BRAKE and SPEED BURST+ZAP.
The time bomb combo works well in surviving late game but on the other hand the speed combo help you steal points early game. (I don’t think people are going to keep on using the time bomb because it got nerfed, it’s still a good power up combo thou>)

What is ur favorite combo for having fun

yeah, those are used a lot!


I think u mean the two most easiest combos(Not saying that their not good). Also laser and time bomb (or at least one) is kind of common with GMs


They are very easy to use and have u ever considered shield and lazer


Ye, shield laser and above mentioned combos are all pretty bad imo… obviously you can survive but, as far as I know none of the best players is using any of those combo.