The time bomb nerf


So theres been some up and downs in nerfing.
Like some powers, i dont think it is fair to do this.
The recent one i found is the time bomb. Some people think its too op.
But others like me dont think it is necessary.
Now i barely use time bomb. Plus I dont see anyone using time bomb.
If any developer see this or staff can you please change the time bomb radios.
The is not fair.

Since @_unaffiliableAV3 told me to do a petition so here it is


The thing with timebomb was that you could (still can just needs skill now) survive endlessly, yea even without corner. That is pretty OP in my eyes. In addition you could also hit people and steal a good amount of points. Tbh I use timebomb now and its not too bad it just takes more skill now imo.

I would make it a lil bigger maybe in between now and before.


Same I still use it


petition to get the bomb back to normal