The Summary



I think we have all gone to the summary page once or twice so now I would like to start something… The Summary War. Here is Roxie and her summary :arrow_down_small:

Show off the love you have given and earned, Log in days, Read time, topics and posts created, and much more! Let’s see what your summary is and how fast it has changed! Also the more your online the easier this challenge will be! I will give 190 :gem: to the winner in about a month.


close to 300 days


I think mine is going to look a little pathetic compared to everyone else’s :laughing: haven’t been here long enough


hard flex but ok


TwO likEs giVeN sHEEeSh


Mine is most pathetic, although I’m a regular
Look athow many topics I’ve read tho :joy:


How did ya get Regular?


Quick guide

Step 1
Be a good boi and don’t get flagged
Step 2
Read every topic created in the last 3-4 months
Step 3




I did those but someone flagged me for saying lol


damn they must hate meee


Im posting this but I dont want gems if I win ;d


and Mine!

2d read time and 11 hours recent :stuck_out_tongue: 377 topics viewed and 32 made
10k posts read sheeeshh
almost 1000 likes thanks guys and 874 given


346 days visited
3 days read time
14 hours recent read time
912 topics viewed
18.4k posts read
506 likes given
27 topics created
859 posts created
654 likes received


Yea mine isn´t the best but its something


Mine’s also kind of pathetic

Top 10 most visits :d


Show off -_-

Jk :slight_smile:


How did you even get that page?


Only the true regular users can access it.

Or just go here


Lol I found out how to do it an hour later sorry