The screen turns black


When I start play and start the game the screen turns black and I have to load the page again, I have to do this about eight times to can play and the screen does not turn black, every time I want play i descend in the league, I do not know what to do.

cuando empiezo pongo jugar y empieza la partida la pantalla se me pone en negro y tengo que cargar la página de nuevo, a esto lo tengo que hacer unas ocho veces para poder jugar y que no se me ponga negra la pantalla, cada vez que quiero jugar desciendo de liga, no se que hacer.


Just looked at the errors from your user and there seems to be an issue that affects a couple hundred users.
We’ll try and look into it!


Ya know Robots, you make it sound like a couple hundred players is just another normal day in the office

By now, how many players are there in this game? And how many have a name that is a copy of mine?


Well most tracked errors affect thousands of players so yeah might some times miss important error.s
Some times we also misjudge the error and assume it isn’t really an issue.

Can’t really give you exact numbers on players I think.


now I can not play, the screen turns black and I can not get it out of there


Hmm, was it fixed last week?