The same randomization seed for hole patterns in every round



Often for multiple rounds a given player starts next round in a row with the same pattern of holes. It makes it really unfair, as if one person gets a pattern of several holes, it’s much harder for him/her to defend (every round!) than it is for a person who consistently gets no holes (every round) at some starting fragment of the curve. This never happened in the FFA mode, so it looks in the process of switching to Teams you must’ve accidentally removed the code responsible for changing randomization seeds before a round.


I had the same issue and was able to use it to my advantage as i knew where the holes are for an entire game, Deffo defeats the point of having it random if you can learn the patterns.


It was the same in FFA actually but you probably never noticed it. :sweat_smile:
Most of the randomness in our game is pseudo random so that we have the same random number on the server and client so the seed you are speeking of is basically shared data like for example the simulation tick.
Can add it to the backlog for tweaks and add some more values to the seed so it’s more random.


Haha, might be :joy: But it definitely became way more important now when lines are used as a defense of the base.

Yeah, that’s more or less like I imagined, but then simple this_seed + num_of_round should already be enough to change the result into “random-like” from the user’s perspective, no?