The return of teammode?



So uhm is there any news about team modes release? I really enjoyed that mode and I wish to see it back.



The game is currently not under developement anymore so… until now it wont return.


:frowning: I wish that CFP will be under development
Again cuz I want the team mode too


sadly we wont enjoy those lovely moments we had there,only hope by the time this game is shut down we can remember as our best browser game ,rather the best videogame ever


CFP will be deleted? :thinking::no_mouth:
Hope not :slightly_frowning_face:


Is there an official post about the game not being developed anymore? Couldn’t find it.


undetermined expiration date yet,only sure is anymore updates


Geert wrote a few messages in discord but a decent statement is not there yet i guess


can u copy paste what exactly geert mentioned,plz cuz im out of discord


That is like 2 weeks ago or something :joy: Im not gonna spend time finding that haha


He was responding to someone pointing out his company (that develops the game) had gone bankrupt.


whats the point,they were “fired” cuz of lack of wage,that’s why the game wont get big updates?im quite sure that some people could focus on carrying this project as good as devs did before just for love of art,sry if i seem clumsy with this


Agh that’s sad cuZ that game is almost dead…
I really enjoyed playing CFP and idw to make the game dead…
Hope tht CFP will not die and will have any updates…(bruh I posted a trash :laughing: anyways im leaving this game maybe not forever)


I’m sure that some of us will keep the idea of cf basis,to come back with a new fresh future curve fever gamemode,that way my kids will be able to enjoy as much as i did


Adults maybe will play this game too​:thinking::slightly_smiling_face:
IM WAITING FOR rvrnge (sht caplock) of CFP
And … FK me …


So the owner of this game is bankrupt? But the game is still online? I am a confused human right now.


The developers are bankrupt. No more dev team. My guess is that Geert is funding the servers himself and with the small bits of money still being spent on cfpro


yeah we can state that is profitable to one person as of now


To revive this:

Years ago with cf pro, there was this teammode with 2 sides having an area of life points to defend. As a player you collected points as the game progressed and then you had to find a way to crash into the life points area on the opponents side of the field.

My question, does this gamemode still live somewhere CF pro’s code? I’d love to see it revived as an extra gamemode aside from what we already have.

Greetz Obs.