The ranking system


I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on the ranking system. I see in the top 100 that everyone is grandmaster and they have various scores. My score is often higher than someone in there (1600+), but I never get in. Is the score for grandmasters different than the rest of us?
Also, Is the rank of grandmaster a result of a certain score, or the result of being in the top 100?


The ranking system works as follows:

Paper - Bronze - Silver - Gold - Diamond - Master

Each of those ranks has a 0 to 5 star rating, with master starting at 1800 if I remember it correctly.

The grandmaster rank is something special. It is the 100 highest ranked players. Here may be added that the in-game leaderboard is bugged somehow. The rank you need to be a grandmaster is around 1750. The leaderboard on the discord server should be correct.

Hope this answers your questions.


It does answer, thank you!
does this mean nobody is actually a master? Since by the time you reach 1800 you’re already grandmaster


As you can see on the image, even though I’m a GM, I’m also Master’s league. If somehow many players rank up and have more rank points than me and I lose my GM title, my badge will be changed to Master’s league.


Yes so no one will currently be a Master with the Purple badge showing in-game because they will have the Red GM badge