The point-system of cfp FFA



Can someone explain the point system


Hey Truestgamer,

The point system of FFA is different from Knock-out mode. In FFA you get points for different actions you do in-game. You get points for killing someone, using certain modules, cutting-off people and surving

Direct kill: 8
Fever assist: 6
Cut-off: 3
Survived: 2


When the sign that shows up says direct kill +10 that’s because you survived and killed. Also why sometimes you get +8 for a kill if you’re already dead.


Devs should penalty whose that kill afk players with at least -10


I used fever and when some player died by it got +11. Strange


Maybe because you cut them off too? Fever assist = +6, cut off = +3, survival = +2 altogether = +11. So without bugs technically the highest points you can get is +55. Far easier to get +50 with all direct kills though.


Doesn’t this pts system make modules unbalanced? Eg. speed is pretty bad since u get +3/kill max while shooting modules are probably the best


You can also get +6 for fever, +8 for direct, and +2 for survival, totaling 16 per kill, and a max of +80 for mega


oh true - i dont know how i forgot about that - maybe i should try pixel and one shot and double shoot each time?


Jump or speed kill are harder to do compared to shot/laser/zap and give only +3, should change that…


I’m wondering if regular thing that do not kill will get points. like fat and repulse. half a point is okay with me. One of my ships only have non kill items.


Fat can help you to kill someone, so you will get a fever assist +6 if someone dies while being fat. I suppose it’s the same with repulse fever (+6).


As long as you make sure you at least have a fever, you’ll be good :slight_smile:


Sometimes the number of points shown for 1st place before the match and the final amount of points for 1st place don’t match. Probably it’s some bug? Today it was shown that I will get +1 point, but I didn’t get any points for winning.


Agreed with nick,game system promised me 5 rank points for winning ,but gave me 4 xd,in the other hand another guy watched in his screen +71 points earned from stealing points ,but the game system did it again :laughing:


+71 :smiley: The game gave someone such a hope!