The past of cf


Aye guys so I’m fairly new to the game… If you count a month or so. And I keep hearing about cf one of two and cf3 and can someone essentially make like a timeline or explain the games and the past and all that… Kinda like a grand story


Same here! That would be cool if someone could do that


uuhh is it me or did we join Curve Fever Pro at the same time lol

#4 this might help. Has some info on all the live Curve Fever games. The only one missing from there is Curve Fever 3 (RIP) which was shut down in June last year. ( official statement )


Thnx and default boi lol


The official site of HMG about the history of Curve Fever.

Also I recommend you to check out the Fanpage about Curve Fever: Curve2Go there you can read something about the games in detail. :wink: