The new season



Brooo I can’t get on rn cus im on a trip so now im pissed and please send some footage of what it looks like! Im dying to know what skins and avatars made it to the game also thanks to the devs for allowing this to be possible!


@dav and @Isar I c your onilne rn help me please


and now no1 is online :frowning:


Dude its insaaane 5 new skins all magnificent.


ok here the list:
A horse skin
a oldscool cf2 skin
a butterfly skin
a rocket
a dragon skin


It’s sick, I hope u have enough gems for it!


30 off :frowning:


Sorry I didnt mention they increased the price to 500 gems :disappointed: I’m lucky to have just enough


Aw, it sounds awesome, but I can’t get on and see it. :frowning_face:


Same :frowning: