The need for energy destroys casual game in quick play


he fact that you need to pay to use energy destroys casual game in quick play because sooner or later I’ll run out the chances to use the modules and it restricts me to only playing 4 crate games a day and then after that it forcefully disallows me to continue to play casualy because of how every game will usurp another energy from using the modules.

Even if energy was free to play in custom games. Most gms can find experienced players only in quick play especially if they want just to go for a quick play on a whim in a middle of the day without organizing a match in custom game so it completely reduces the amount of games I can play per day, I can play only 4 crate games and then after that I can’t anymore because of the fear of using too much energy just for these casual games.


You always have the 3 free modules per day.

But what really concerns me is that unranked costum games need energy :joy:


this guy is right energy is bad, as well as everything about this new update


Why would energy be bad? It lets you use ur modules… and its not right or wrong but simply an opinion.


Yes, before you could use any unlocked power unlimited times. Now you have 3 daily powers with unlimited uses, 2 free daily energy and you get power uses (power points) in crates. Before you were also “forced” to play with different powers by having crates being locked to modules (each module could have only earned one crate) but now you can earn all crates with a single combination. Also, before once you unlocked a power you still had to find that power in a crate, which for some rarer powers could have even taken months, in the new system as soon as you reach a specific level you can immediately play with that power without having to unlock it from crates. We did indeed remove the unlimited uses for modules for the following reasons:

  • Diversity: With the module-crate lock being removed this is a new way of encouraging players try different powers.
  • Game sustainability: The upgrades have been removed, so now the new energy system is the monetization system that replaces the upgrades and keeps the game free-to-play (for power upgrades you usually had to purchase coins in order to upgrade modules to higher levels, but didn’t get much benefit out of it and also made the game unfair when playing with your friends with lower-leveled modules). We created the power points system making sure that players can enjoy the game for free and try all powers, while paying players can also support the game and have a wider range of powers to choose from.

We were really unhappy with the previous upgrading system and we do consider the current system to be more fair for competitive players and less punishing for new players.


I thought that the need for players to use difference powers to get their chests brought more diversity to the game as people weren’t just constantly running the same combinations
upgrades were cool and gave us some thing to strive towards



I agree, unranked custom games should not have energy.