The Mystery of Clans



Hello there!

I’m here to propose a concept in called clans. The idea was sparked into me by Lethean and Legolas. They were interested in it, and so am I.

This suggestion is regarding version 1.4.10.

Essentially, there would be a “Create Clan” and a “Join Clan” button. If you create a clan, you need 50 gems(this feature could be removed or altered). You may also include a clan description(in case you want people to know that only grandmasters are allowed in your clan).

In the lobby, you can hover over people’s names. Then, an option called “Invite to Clan” will appear, but only if you are the leader/creator of a clan, or an officer. As the leader/creator, you can manage the clan by making specific people officers; essentially, a way to promote people. Officers cannot “kick” other officers or you from the clan, but can invite others and “kick” those of lower rank in the clan(my rank I mean members who are not officers or leaders).

If you, the creator, decides to leave, then you can assign someone the role of leader before doing so.

However, if you are neither in a clan, nor have created one, then the option that appears in the lobby is “Join Clan.” If you click on it, a request to join with your username and rank(here I mean whether your gold with 5 stars, grandmaster, etc.) will appear on the Clan Board. There, either an officer or the leader of the clan can accept or deny.

If you are in a clan, then you can see anyone of your clan who’s online. You can then click, “invite to custom room.” Then you get to name the custom room, make it ranked or unranked, etc.(perhaps this idea would be too complicated to implement, so perhaps ignore it).

People in the clan can donate gems to the clan to increase its level(however, this might be unneeded, so maybe there actually shouldn’t be a thing called clan level).

That’s it for now. Prior to this post, I did think up of an idea that the more active members of your clan are, the more coin bonuses you can get out of crates. While some sort of benefit would be nice if the clan members are active(so that instead of just counting the number of people, you actually have active members). However, there’s the possibility of exploitation(multiple accounts and such that are active to gain benefits).

Thanks for reading!


P.S. I’d appreciate it if you replied with your thoughts on this post :slight_smile:


Hey dude :joy:,

clans sound nice but you really should look through the forum if there is similar posts and i am pretty sure there is one concerning clans.

Clans would be a great idea, but we first need friendlists and teamgames to even make sense for clans.


I s’pose that be true.

I just posted something on Team Games. IDK about friend lists, tho.


Furthermore, I have this from Legolas(it’s not regarding my post specifically, BTW, but it does concern clans):

"Also, paying in order to create a clan is a very good idea. Making it a premium feature limits players from creating too many clans, giving it more value. As for the tag part; I personally think a clan tag should only be assigned by the clan leader. This was true on the cf2 clan page, however while in-game you had millions of accounts just copying the tag of original members although they were not registered on the clan page… basically fakes.

So only clan owners and “real” members should be allowed to wear tags."


In some of the posts Geert made, you can see that this idea is around. I think it is just a matter of time, not if they want it.

How the structure of the clans (ingame) would be, how they work and if currency should play a role… there is not much to discuss about. Some ideas are possible and some are too detailed. Filtering is up to the developers. Having a feature like this, with subfeatures is rather a personal desire… so I can not really comment anything lol.


Yeah I should have left the details to the devs honestly.