The most OP DEFENSE Combination



Spare time to know the most OP DEFENCE Combination

So you my first article about Most OP MODULES against NOOBS. But today I am going to tell ya the most OP DEFENCE Combination. So in my opinion Reverse and brake are the most op combination in total, but in my opinion for defence it is BRAKE and JUMP. I say this because with brake and jump together protects 60%. Now that is a lot of protection. Sorry speed burst fans. So Brake protects 30% and also jump.

So that will do it for my article, hope you guys enjoyed and big thanks to @Asian_Rexy for helping me make this article.

So you know also the APRIL 2019 tournament and all. And only passive powers. Yeah most people are probably gonna use JUMP AND BRAKE. Like its the only thing you do in SuRV1rUl. So like use JUMP AND BRAKE

By: @Nick98 and @Asian_Rexy.


if one power protects x% and other y%, combined they would protect :

so if x and y both are 30, protection is around 50%, there was a time when protection was 50% for almost all of the defensive powers and so, protection of 2 defensive powers was 75% (and not 100%).




I think the best for me is Speed Jump or Thin Jump


good opinion, I will respect that