The Meanest people on CFPro


Who do you think is the meanest, most Toxic people on CFPro (Zon gave me this idea so thank him)






Ay, nanananana you’re one of the nicest !!!


Real meanie for sure




finally a place where i am n1


@theangelov your one of the nicest people in CFPro forum your no were near mean




yuh i gotchu

  • DenysXQX
  • ZonZon
  • mostafa
  • Seth

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i know you mfs will make the right choice


i agree


i dont even know the pple voted for me xxxxx islamophhobics?


yuh lets all vote for ourselves


Denys is never online now that he noticed he does not have a life and everyone hates him


denys is offline bc he got banned and is gonna take a break, fuck this nigga for thinking he knows everything


y isnt all of the above a choice


bc its about who the meanest is not who the meanest are


I don’t have a life? LMAO you’re the one worrying about where I am and what I’m doing smh. idgaf if people hate me, if u cant handle it then get off the internet simple…