The inevitable question to the dev's and moderators about boosting:


I see people every now and then doing custom ranked rooms with their second account in order to rank up.
Isn’t this against the rules? This is clearly cheating.

What can be done about this?
I have proof in case necessary.


It’s not cheating, they are bad in the game and they just want to fake rank up :slight_smile:


I have proof as well :joy: many many screenshots hehe

But yea it is tricky. Only thing i can think of is:

  • only allow unranked costums (quickgames r harder to do it)
  • some sort of penalty? idk

It is kinda unfair to those who really rank up fair and square. Like @hohoho <3



Yup I think they should remove that option completely.


We’re aware of people boosting, probably gonna start resetting people their ranks soon.


:heart_eyes: #reset_the_boosters


Does this mean that you will reset everyone’s rank, or just the cheaters.


Just the cheaters, some have already been reset.
We’ll try to actively look into players that cheat by boosting and reset their rank from now on.



Are you guys thinking about removing the custom rank feature? I think it will save you guys a lot of time if this problem persists.


I guess you can pretty much automize the search and then make a final check by hand.


Ive seen guys cheating for ranking ,and guys with up to 5 alt accounts to only doing gold crates.personally i deranked to gain +3 exp points easily :blush:


Please just report these guys ^^


We’ll punish them


we cant, we need to see them to click on their name, but they never come to quick xd


You can always report it to us in a private message and we will check it.


I did this by accident trying to de-rank myself. Gave a bunch of games away to a level 5 silver, accidentally put him at number 5 in the top 100. Whoops. Ha.


When I saw him going up into diamond while I stayed a gold, I was a little confused, thought it was a glitch. I wanted to see how far I could push it, it took less than half an hour to send him to the top. I’m sorry about that. I’m pretty tickled though. If you’ve got to ban me, so be it. I didn’t really know what was happening, I honestly thought we’d found a glitch.


I never knew the V in your name stood for Villains.