The Great Module Topic



One shot at the beginning actually destroyed the first wall it hit. It was way too OP back then


Haunted fever -> When running into the haunted fever, you will see a couple white/ghost curves appear and start wondering around aimlessly and even through walls/curves - kind of like what you see when the server lags slightly. The ghosts’ lines wouldn’t have actual hit boxes; they’re just there to obstruct your vision.

Something that may be neat is if the haunted fever were permanent for that round. Each time you grab it, one more ghost appears on your screen.

If coding AI is a concern for the ghosts, there’s a simple solution. Just have them mimic the player they’re haunting’s movement.

Fun ideas for CF Pro

Nice idea for a halloween update :joy: :ghost:


Ink / Poison module :

Releases a area filled out with poison.
It slows you and steals points if staying there for more than 5 seconds
Dmg should be greatly reduced .


Will there be an halloween update? I sure hope so


there is never update for halloween but for xmas there is usually a special event, i hope then will do one


Just gotta take inspiration from the bugs sometimes. Imagining a plague-like fever that once dropped, starts out really small then grows. once it reaches a certain size, it would then disappear. What effect would the fever have? I’m not sure. Maybe it’d just do what HebiX suggested above.


thats a great idea!
Thanks for using my pic!


Well , this is not the point.
Area would be doing something like a slow fever but it should have greatly minimized dmg.

Exactly i have more ideas in my head.
If I find something good i will share it with you.