The Great Module Topic



You probably just haven’t played against someone who is good at it like Legolas or Kuddel.

Yes, that’s quite possible. Maybe it should indeed be increases if you think the best trigger players get way much more powerful than with e.g. time bomb (which also can be played in a way if one has a skill that there is no action you can possibly take to run away from its radius with the exception of players having speed burst). On non-top level, though, I don’t think trigger is a powerful weapon at all, so it might be hard to balance it in a way that would be consistent for players of all levels.

Steerless fever shouldnt cost more energy, it just shouldnt last as long.

You’re right, the unchanged steerless but working shorter would be a better solution.

speedy fever is steerless + speed boost and that costs 2 energy.

I think there was a lot of feedback from players that speedy fever should only increase speed and give a small increase to radius turn (like it was in cf2 and cf3). I hope this will be changed after more important bugs are fixed, after which speedy would not be strictly more powerful (plus iirc it also lasts way shorter than steerless, vide your previous point).



I’m back with a few ideas on fevers:

  • first of all, let’s do double fevers that are thrown to the front and the back at the same time.
    this makes sence as an upgrade to some standard fevers like thick or trippy. Would be really fun!
    It also makes sence for other things that couldnt be used as real fevers before, like the portal.

This portal could now consist of two parts that are connected to each other. The transition could be made so that first the area of the portal is cleared from old curves and you can see it blinking and then disappearing or so when you are teleported. (or it could stay there idk)

  • then there should be a new type of fever, the active/area fever: its not like a normal circle, but like some paint spreading on the ground for a certain amount of time as a area of effect. This could make fevers that are underpowered more strong, example: the Repulse fever could be replaced with a fever that sucks in all of the energy lying in a certain area. This would also make sence for things like blind fever or even steering fever and the fever that swaps left and right (i dont have it yet). It would be more like a transformation of a space than a direct attack which makes it easier to escape (there is no effect when leaving the area) in case of the steering thing, but also easier to apply (with the repulse fever, you could directly “delete” the energy lying around in a (hopefully big) area and prevent it from spawning/existing there instead of giving someone a fever that does the most damage to the player by its confusing/unexpected animation (idk if it already changed but it really was confusing to me).
  • point number three: new and old normal fevers I always have in my mind (please correct me if I’m wrong and similar things exist in CFP): Angle Turns Fever, Slow Fever, Downgrade Fever (the ship of an opponent is downgraded by one or two levels for a few seconds, which also affects the power of the skills (disabeling skills would be fun but too confusing I think), movement speed, turning radius and so on. Could also be used as an area fever), Cheese Fever, [i bet no one reads this] . I mostly miss them because i would really like to have them in the “play with friends” mode later on and am disappointed when I only unlock “new” fevers on trigon that I already have on tetragon/pentagon ships. I want real new fevers! :smiley:
  • also, make trippy and lo/res stackable: make the pixels of Lo/res fever bigger and also split the map into more colours/layers for trippy when having two/three fevers.

Thans for reading!
Few other things that also came to my mind:

  • make Angle Turns 60 Degree turns. Thanks.
  • make Angle Turns Fever 120 Degree turns (when it’s there). Thanks again. :smiley:
  • Multi shot should be like a double sideshot, so you shoot it to both sides and to both sides a little backwards/forwards depending on its slot.


[i bet no one reads this]


make Angle Turns 60 Degree turns.

No way! 90 degrees is best, so much more play


Good idea! I like it and I think it would be really cool. :smiley: :thinking:


I dotn like it that with hide self you cant cut people off, but you can run into walls :frowning:


I think it is ok, it would be too op otherwise.


Well it makes no sense
Anyways, today I played and I discovered that when ur thick, ur ‘shield sensitivity level’ skyrocket.
I wasn’t even close to hitting a wall and I died. Weird right?
As a bonus,
I think that if ur a victim of a fever and shoot somebody, I think it should be an extra two points. In this case, Z.A.P., L.A.Z.R, and Homing Missle don’t count.
If you consider adding this, feel free to stretch it in anyway you like.


Yo I just saw someone shit another while invisible and that cool right?
So then the invisible(with hide self) persons’s curve appeared for about 3 seconds, but there was no ship! Then he disappeared again!


By S**t another you mean shoot another right?


yes hahahah im so sorry for that


I saw that as well, but this is the wrong thread. This should be reported in #bugs.


Haha bump, but where’s muh angle turn fever

Also, there should be some modules that exist solely to insinuate chaos.
Like a module that causes more energy to appear (costs 2 energy)

or a module that causes everyone to switch places (honestly, should probably be 3 or 4 energy)

or a Random Effect fever, it’s larger than all fevers, but it can give you any effect that currently exists in the game. Even ones that would help you like thin. (costs 1 energy)



A fever that makes whoever touches it constantly turn using their last input as the initial turn and they cannot stop turning, forcing them to work really hard to keep a straight line.

Or bring back the very scary item from cf2 that forced you to only turn in one direction as a very high cost fever (long cooldown).

Fevers aside

What about a very slow shot that’s large and in the way? So it stays on the screen for a long time and can be pretty annoying.

Or a bounce shot that can bounce off walls maybe 5 to 10 times, but it isn’t very accurate and won’t always shoot in the direction your facing?

Also, I mentioned a module before that spawned more energy, that module technically couldn’t exist now, but what if instead we had a module that reduces the cooldown time for EVERYONE causing complete chaos?


what about an erase everything module that erases all existing curves! Cooldown of like 30 seconds!


Ultra Beam: A single fast-moving beam that never stops until it hits a wall. It can damage players (deals less damage than a module like One Shot), break through curves, and break the wall (the part of the wall it hit will no longer kill you, but instead teleport you to the other side of the map like in the old version of CFP).

Clone: A clone of your ship will appear, mirroring your movement. It won’t have a curve until 2.5 seconds after it appears. It will disappear when it hits a curve/wall. Although your modules will be doubled, your points can be stolen from either ship. Cooldown of 20 seconds, lasts for 10 seconds before disappearing.


Chain bomb: Might have the size of the trigger bomb as it is now (just cause otherwise it would probably be too OP). U shoot it just like any other mine. Imagine u shot several bombs on the field. As one of them gets triggered all of them explode :joy: could be fun but its probably too OP … kinda good for a legendary module i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

What do u think guys? :joy:


i have 3 ideas.

1: cheddar fever: steal some points whoever touches it. If anyone runs into the hitbox their curves are small and like cheese. duration: 10 seconds (or whatever you like)

2: straight fever: steals some points whoever touches it. the line does NOT cut for 10 seconds. (or whatever you like)

3 amnesic fever: Steals some points whoever touches it. the user starts seeing misplaced things and players. duration: 5 seconds (so its not OP, change if u want)


Flamethrower Module -> the range would be just as the same as the scatter shot, but with a twice as long cooldown and a bigger attack value.

Machine Gun Module -> this module would be like One shot but it shoots 3 shots incessantly one after another. Each shot would have less attack value than a single One Shot, but would have a higher chance of hitting someone.

Bazooka Module -> the round would have a much slower travelling speed than the One Shot, but would leave a blast which could affect players even though weren’t hit directly. Also leaves holes in the curves (just like One Shot used to do).


What about some type of module that can explode through 2-3 walls. Idk if thats too far fecthed? It would be like a mix of a regular shot and a mine that can go through multiple walls. I guess it would have to be higher rariry. What do you all think?


Sniper/Rail Gun Module -> This module unlike Laser would have a very tiny fracture of a duration time but it’s got a strong attack value. With a very tiny duration, it’s pretty much an instant laser that is shot in a split second and doesn’t have any duration at all which would make it very hard to hit anyone. And there would be no charge up time like in the laser module where you leading up to the shot, your ship wouldn’t slow down and you fire instantly.