The Great Module Topic



Hey Curvers,

The goal of this topic is to list all the current and coming ideas about modules in one, clear thread. This will make it easier for the programmers to see what players find interesting regarding module.

This post is solely meant for modules ideas, excluding ideas about perks that may or may not come in the future. Of course, every module can be used as a base for these perks.

  1. Passive modules by @vlle
    1.1. Speed
    1.2. Thin
    1.3. Small turns

  2. Reflective wall by @Owl
    Stop or return effects (jumps, shoots, lasers, bombs, …)

  3. Reflective shield by @R4W1L
    Shield that returns effects (jumps, shoots, lasers, bombs, …)

  4. Auto target misile by @Lif3Haxx

New module suggestions
Suggestion: A module which works as a deflective shield
New Module Ideas


So one module that i would think would be awesome, would be a reflective or indestructable wall mod, which makes a the new section of your curve reflective, or idestrucable, kind of like a shield. This could be used by players to stop people jumping out of or shooting out of an area, and it could do things like reflect lasers, shots and bombs back to where they came from.


Another module that would be good is a auto tracking missile. Of course, this sounds a little OP so you might need to make the time it tracks like 3seconds and furthermore make it unable to penetrate walls. This is just a general description, but I think this should definately not be a common module :wink:


A cool fever module might be to invert the colors of the screen for anyone who runs into the hitbox.


Some more over-the-top module ideas for you to make the game look more Star Wars inspired than it already is (Spaceship ,laser and whatnot).

Teleport module
This module will work in mechanism similar to that of the trigger bomb. Instead of aiming to place and throw a bomb , you will be throwing a “portal”. Once the portal is placed then all you have to do is press the up or down arrow again to trigger the effect; just as you would do for the trigger bomb to detonate. At this point ,your ship will be teleported instantly to the area you marked with your portal…. “wow what a sick idea” I know I know it’s like a superrrrr op jump so this is something that should consume 3-4 energies.

Black hole module
Black holes in cf !!! This module will work similar to that of the “hide self” module; this meaning, that everyone else cannot see I except you. Basically call this the invisible mine(nothing like the “stealth mine”).
• It will have a trigger radius size of an actual mine
• Is invisible to all others except you (but it can still kill you if you trigger it)
• Black holes are not stationary ‘entities’ ,if one may call them that . They are always in motion while infinitely sucking in anything that crosses their gravitational pull. In the same manner ,it would be nice to have them moving around slowly in the cfpro fields.
• An X amount of them should not be present on the field at the same time For example if 5 are already on the field, then when the 6th one is activated, the first one that was there should disappear.
• Shield will not work against black holes ;they suck you in ,not destroy you.

I know there are problems with these modules ; “which direction will our ships face when we use the teleportation module” and probably others that I have not foreseen. This is just a hasty post . Tell me if you devs like it .


simply add a animation how the ship gets in to the portal (getting smaller) and at the same time getting out of the other portal (getting bigger), lasting about a second. Within this time, you can still rotate your ship


Problemo solved!


What about a mega one shot?

  • Costs two energy
  • Would “charge up” when activated, growing from the size of a typical one shot to a specific larger size, then stop.
  • User would hold to make it larger, then release to fire. The longer they hold the larger it gets and the bigger hole it makes in curves.
  • The larger it gets the slower it moves once fired, but it wouldn’t go too slow. This makes it versatile and skill based. If they released right away it would fire like a faster and more ranged one shot and would be the same size, as you have to hold to enlarge it.
    Any suggestions or comments/criticism? :grey_question::question::grinning:


Quantum Entanglement

  • When using this powerup, your ship splits into 2 ships, each identical copies of the original.
  • They will be positioned about 2-5 ship widths apart next to each other, aybe the user can keep the button pressed to control distance.
  • These quantum ships live in a linked state and will be controlled simultaneously, so they will steer at the same time, and the other powerup will be used by both ships, so this will allow you to double the damage of your other powerup.
  • If one of the ships dies, the entanglement is broken and the user can continue playing with the remaining ship.

Quite powerful, so should cost at least 2 energies. However, it has some disadvantages too:

  • Since the ships start side by side and steer at the same time, making a 90 degree turn would result in one ship being in front of the other. Both ships still leave a curve, so you would effectively kill the following ship. This means a pair of QE ships cannot turn more than ~75 degrees from their original orientation or the effect will be broken by it’s own curve
  • Tracking 2 ships at the same time will be a mind fuck

Some other notes:

  • I suppose there should also be a time limit of about 5 seconds maybe.
  • Not sure if it should stack. Maybe once. Of course triggering QE twice, ending up with 4 ships, picking up some energy on the way and triggering 4 LASRs or time bombs would be epic.


Since the ships start side by side and steer at the same time, making a 90 degree turn would result in one ship being in front of the other.

I think the same way as with 3-way split in CF2 (only here it could be 2-way split but with both ships facing forward), the ships should not go paralelly but a bit to both sides, which would mean you can turn 90 degrees after a short moment. Splitting to the sides and then going paralelly would pose problems with hitting curves when the ship(s) are being moved to the side, while both ships starting very close to each other (where your ship previously was) and moving a bit away from each other would solve it (at the expense of the ships being harder to control after some time, but this might be considered either in plus or in minus).

I think 3-way split was one of the more fun PUs in CF2, so I think reviving it - maybe even as two different modules, one (a bit lower class) working exactly like CF2 3-way split, and the other (a bit higher class) working like Wtfusername proposed, would be cool.

Both those ideas also would’ve been really different to all existing modules, which is also great - there would be some significantly different gameplay experience / strategies both by people using these modules and for people defending against them.

For balancing, in FFA killing or cutting either of two splitted ships should give you half the points (which is fair, you only killed half of a player :smiley: - well, maybe +1.5 for cutoff is not ideal, but I agree with what a lot of players already said that after final balancing cutoff worth should be more close to direct kill, so maybe it’ll not a be problem if it’s an even number. Or just (cutoff+1)/2 points for a splitted ship, because cutting one of two ships is more dangerous since you need to come close to the second ship that can kill you) as otherwise people would hunt for easy points since obviously it’s way easier to shot down a ship of a player who needs to think about two ships at the same time.


The long . steering module is overpowered, more that lazr because there is no way to esape it or strategy to help!


actually, you can use the “Angle Turns” module to steer. But if you dont have equipped that in that specific game … well …


People getting triggered at Legolas using this strat.

You guys just complain about new “op” strategies that are “gamebreaking”, but you can avoid and counter if you really try.


Most things are OP if they hit you xd


Steer-less fever should definitely cost more energy. I’d say it’s the strongest module in the game at the moment and it costs just 1 energy point? It’s very easy to use and very effective. I think more than 90% of the times hitting it equals death. There is very little one can do to avoid it and survive once hit with it. I’d suggest even 3 energy points for this one.

Also trigger bomb should be more than 1 energy for sure. 2 I guess would be enough as this one requires some skill to use, but it’s definitely too effective for just 1 point.


Steer-less fever should definitely cost more energy.


Also trigger bomb should be more than 1 energy for sure. 2 I guess would be enough as this one requires some skill to use, but it’s definitely too effective for just 1 point.

Why do you think so? I find trigger bomb much less effective than either time bomb or mine. Time bomb is much harder to time correctly but it has a big radius, which balances out very nicely. The mine is similar size to trigger bomb, but:
A) a mine is basically a trigger bomb which triggers wherever it’s best for you: if a player steps on a mine, they die, you get +8. Trigger bomb is the same except you are the one who needs to look for the moment when the player steps on it.
B) you can place many mines to block way of a player (if e.g. the area is too wide for just one bomb to block the way), or you can just shoot 3 mines “more-or-less in the opponent’s direction” and just hope for luck. While with trigger you need to place one and wait till you want to detonate, in the meantime you can’t make use of your module (unless giving up on the previous bomb).

I don’t deny there are some advantages of trigger: you can play it on a player that goes just ship-to-ship with you, while with mine you would’ve died as well, but I still think it’s the least effective of bombs(inc. mine).


Yes, except the thing is that instead of what u said, it should create a clone of it, that isn’t actually real, the other people can’t see which one is the real one, but you can(one of them is bold and the other one is lighter, where the lighter one is the clone) and then when you steer, both of them go the same way, but when the clone dies, u don’t die. And also, if someone else hits the clone, u lose the clone, but you are still living, and they don’t get the points for a kill. SO there are basically confused which ship is the “real” one and which one is the “clone”. And yes if you pick up energy on 1 you get 2 energies, and when u fire a laser two lasres are shot. etc… It should cost 2 or 3 energies


Cool bro! I like it


Steerless fever shouldnt cost more energy, it just shouldnt last as long. speedy fever is steerless + speed boost and that costs 2 energy. Also, trigger is the best of the mines because it activates quickly so people cant dodge it and suicide like they do with time bomb and normal mines, You probably just haven’t played against someone who is good at it like Legolas or Kuddel.