The Great Ideas List


Hey curvers,

The goal of this topic is to list all the current and coming suggestions. This will make it easier for the staff team to see what are the most wanted stuff that the community wants to see in CF PRO. We also recommend to have a quick look in the list in order to avoid duplicated suggestions topics :slight_smile:

/!\ 1 topic = 1 idea (ex: do create 2 topics if you want share 2 ideas about two different things)

Balancing and rank system by @vlle

Tournaments in CFP by @Scars

Rewards System by @Dgrif12

Crates upgrade by @HSRCurve

Confirmation dialog before spending diamons/gold by @HSRCurve

Multi-feedbacks topic by @Vizzr

  • hide mouse while playing
  • gain ship points from winning games
  • open crate : message confirmation

Vision for teams in CFP by @Miaoush

Include in-game stats into the forum profile by @xOstry

Possibility to change username by @Vizzr

Possibility to hide chat by @Vizzr

New Game Mode : Frenzy by @Dgrif12

New Game Mode : Rapid knockout by @R4W1L

Multi-feedback topic

My personal feedback on the game so far
I leave curvefever
Thoughts on The Playtest