The Gem System


 There should be a more consistent way of getting gems than leveling up in xp progression because it gets exponentially worse and I want to get 400 gems for the battle pass. What if I wanna buy another skin with gems? Assuming every crate is a first place gold with 60 xp and there was no downtime to get the next crate after the 4 hours, it would take 5 days and a half of a day with a total of 34 gold crates of 60 xp to get only 10 gems. That's with my 2000xp (level 60) for a level up and the xp system get exponentially worse. A (level 65) needs 25000 xp for 10 gems, that more than 10 times the amount of a (level 60)! That's like two months for only 10 gems. WHY? People played longer and spent more time playing the game and watching the ads in between rounds shouldn't have the rights to get gems like any other person? Because they have been loyal to the game they should be punished?!


Said this on discord but I will say this again. Devs need a way to make money and gems and VIP is the only way they can. The battle pass is not supposed to be free. You have to buy gems to get it. It makes perfect sense. No, the gem system should not be consistent. It is the game currency to buy cosmetics, which to not affect gameplay. You should need to spend money to get this currency as it is reasonable and the only way to keep the game funded. I don’t understand what you mean. I have played for 2 years and know that everyone has the same right to get gems. They are the same price for everyone. You are not punished for playing the game, and gems don’t impact gameplay.


In every single other game that I have played, premium currencies are possible to get, they’re just extremely rare or hard to get but is mostly “consistent”. Gems in this games aren’t consistent and start off easy to getting to the point of being impossible to get even 10 gems. Atleast in other games you can grind and get the “premium currency” but in this game it gets to impossibility. Why don’t you get that? They have ads in the game for a reason.


Sorry to say but this is not every single other game sheep has a great point so we can end this topic here. If you would like to stick around on the forum @RealRoxie hosts amazing tours for everyone to enter, she gives out about $50 in prizes .


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