The first level 8



Its been 4 months since the game released, and I think the feat of sheer-effort I’ve put into the game deserves a topic. For my own amusement (which I will for sure enjoy looking back at) I’ll be leaving this screen shot here. A big Shout-out to all the noobs who made this monumental achievement much more easier to accomplish <3.


Man, it’s so tiny that I can’t even see it with/without my glasses. :joy:


THANKS lego to make a Shout-out to me… its appreciate :slight_smile:


Congrats dude, when i looked at the picture i thought i had an ant on my screen


What’s the Level 8 Ship’s name?




Nice name. Sounds like an decoration. :slightly_smiling_face:


finally in the summit,lvl 8,superstar,#1,gob job m8,most of cfp gamers appreciate ur effort,now u need to win a cfp tourney :slight_smile: for those newcomers that dont know u ( u need a champ badge)


can we get champ badge in cfpro ??.. i dont think so but it could be nice


Awesome that you have a lvl 8 ship :0 Good job reaching it :smiley: Cool name tho :sunglasses:


Hey, Aver. Mind if you could add a Gallery mode so we could see everything in the game (e.g. Old Ships, New Ships, Old Arenas w/ Names, New Arenas etc.)?


I can’t do much about that, I am not a developer :c


Oh… Okay then… :neutral_face: